Saturday, June 30, 2012

Combi OD's

Today was a beautiful day for acombi OD and while the REG campers skated and ran around craftsbury, we classic skied and then ran/hiked over Stratton.
everyone skied for 1-1.5 hrs, then changed to running shoes and ran/hiked for another 1-1.5 hrs.
Flower shot.
Boys cruise into the exchange.
J2 girls group heads out the IP road and up over the Mtn.

Friday, June 29, 2012

REG: DP Intervals

This morning we had a huge group out on the roads for double pole intervals at the Eastern REG.  Our Elite Team and the Craftsbury Green Team set the pace and the big group of REG athletes jumped in and got to push themselves by following some more experienced athletes.  We had a 2k stretch of road in Craftsbury closed so we could take up lots of space (see above) and not worry about cars.   Video of the workout here from Bryan Fish & more photos on the SMS Nordic Facebook page.
Erika & Sophie up the last steep stretch.
Big pack of guys start off their first interval.
Girls coming through the field on their second interval.
Hamish & Jack Hegman leading a group of J1/OJ boys on a warm up.
Koby & Gino hammering out an interval.
Andy and Pat O'Brien. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Photos from REG

Click here for more photos from this afternoon's skate ski.  Women and J2s went together and guys headed to the other side of town to split up the group on the roads.  Above, SMS skiers Koby & Jack hop in behind the USST's Ida Sargent on a distance ski.  

Weston D-Pole

With 14 athletes and 2 coaches at Craftsbury for the REG, our group is pretty small this week. 
Today we worked on double pole technique and specific strength. We are working on using the arm swing to pull the body up and forward into a dynamic starting position.
The road north of Weston winds up through a nice valley with 3 options for some good climbing.
More technique.
Megan, Cam and Keely power up Terrible Mtn.
Austin and Tyler.
Mackenzie is starting to figure it out :)
After 50 minutes of d-pole, we threw in 10 minutes of single sticking. Goal here is to keep the body in a nice forward position. You can see that Megan (first girl above) has her hips a bit further forward.
Kate powers along. Her shoulders are too tight here, but she made good improvements today.
Smiling Alex.
Zipping back down to Weston.
Calvin isn't smiling so much because he got lost on his drive and missed the early part of the workout.

REG: Bounding at Craftsbury

 A quick REG update: we did a bounding workout this morning at Craftsbury in the field near the Green Team house.  We're about to hit up lunch and then we've got a recovery skate ski for all groups this afternoon with the SMS Elite Team and the Craftsbury Green Team as special guests.  Stay tuned for more photos.  Above, the whole group runs from Hosmer Point to the Outdoor Center.
 Bryan Fish from the US Ski Team explains the workout.   We started with some running drills first and then moved into a 30 minute continuous L2/L3 bounding workout.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

REG Update: Pelletier top junior at Uphill Run!

Hello from Craftsbury!  If you have a strong desire to remember what mid-November feels like, come up to northern Vermont - it's been a little chilly here lately.  : )  The weather hasn't slowed this group down though and REG has been going really well.   This morning we had the uphill run test up Mt. Elmore and SMS was well represented with some awesome results, led by alum/future Middlebury freshman Issy Pelletier who was the top junior girl.  Pictures from the run were taken at the very end on a steep pitch with about 100m to go - a few people definitely had their pain face going on.  Full results on FasterSkier (click here).  More photos on the SMS Nordic Facebook page (click here). 
 Hallie was 1:07 behind Issy to finish as the second junior girl.  
 Gavin McEwen (little brother to Hamish).  
 Future SMS PG Jordan Fields ripped it up with the second fastest junior time and third fastest time overall.  
 Future SMS junior Jack Elder was the second J2 to finish today.  
 Paddy ran a nice race - fourth junior overall, six seconds out of third.  
 Heather hammering to the top - fourth junior overall, two seconds out of third. 
 Koby ran well - fifth J2 and hot on the heels of his fellow J2 buddies. 
 Hamish - 12th junior - in the last minute of his race. 
 Gino snuck by me, but here he is coming down from the top.  Gino was the 10th junior boy.
 Alum/CGRP athlete Pat O'Brien was the 9th overall male.
 Hallie & Issy head down from the top. 
 Future SMS winter termer Erik Lindahl gave the race two thumbs up! 
 Tonight we hit up the local mini-golf course for 18 holes and some ice cream.  We've got a nice big SMS crew here - nine athletes!  
 The REG crew.
 Yesterday the J2 REG crew arrived and headed out for a 90 minute double pole on some scenic roads around Craftsbury - Koby & Jack lead the boys pack back home. 
The J2 REG team (missing Zoe Snow & Ben Hegman)!  SMS skiers Jack (tallest one w/ helmet) and Koby (fourth from right) in the middle.