Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Skate Speed Day

We've started off the week with two really great days of skiing on our own nordic trails.  Yesterday we did a easy distance skate ski (no pictures, coaches skied too!) and today we did a shorter skate ski where we focused on speed and skiing through transitions and varying terrain.  We're trying to work on a smooth transition and switching techniques seamlessly.  Skyler (above) is in town for a few days and it's always great to have him back with the team and pushing the pace.  
 Paddy & Gino.
 Koby & Calvin.
 Hamish & Charlie.
 Scott Mooney & Russell.
 Brooke & Katharine.
 Tyler & Corky.
 Skyler leads Paddy, Gino and a train of boys. 
 Charlie, Hamish, Koby, Calvin.
 Koby & Calvin.
 Russell and Scott.
 Tyler & Corky.
 Tess & Mackenzie.
 Corky & Paddy.
 Charlie & Hamish.
 Corky & Mac.
 Scott & Katharine.
 Mackenzie & Tess.
 Hamish & Gino.
 Paddy & Corky.
 Mac & Tyler.
Calvin & Koby.

More pics from Turkey

Forest sums it up well in this shot. A tough but satisfying week of racing
Boys enter the start of the skiathlon
After the exchange an Italian trips
The Russians and Skar form the lead group
Nice high forward position V2 climbing
Boys Skiathlon start
Umm..girls exchange some bindings open, some closed??
The exchange
Noah's 2nd place flag!!
Sadie in 5th 10k classic!!
The Athlete tent prior to awards in the city center, filled with smog!
Turkish podium girls

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wild Wings Time Trial

It seems as if winter is finally here!  We got a good amount of snow over the weekend (5-8") and then the weather cleared out, leaving us with a gorgeous Sunday - temps in the 20s, not a cloud in the sky, and lots of fresh powder.  A perfect day for a TT!  The boys did 5 laps and the girls and J2/J3 boys did 3 laps of the Upper Bluejay loop at Wild Wings.  Goals were to work on pacing and get a nice hard effort in to wake up after an easy week, especially for the skiers heading off to JNs on Friday.  Paddy, Issy, and Koby topped their respective fields and all the way through the lineup there were lots of solid results and evidence of good pacing.  Results are at the end of the post with lap times and total times.  Thanks to Brooke (getting over a cold) for taking photos today!  All of Brooke's photos from today are here.
Tyler and Hamish skiing together on lap 2-3.
 A train of boys heading up the hill for their lap. 
 Corky skied a well-paced race. 
 Tess was the only girl to have her last lap be faster than her middle lap.  
 Pip had some trouble with her back and wasn't feeling in tip top form, but still gave it her best effort. :)
 Sver cruising around the course!
 Calvin heading for his last lap. 
 Scott Mooney jumped in with the big boys today.
 Issy skied very well today - a nice strong classic race.
 Nice hair Katharine!
 Paddy (above) and Gino (below) skied together for two laps before Paddy put a little surge in.
J1/OJ Boys Results:
Girls Results:
 J2/J3 Boys Results: