Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Workouts: Agility & Distance Run

What a BEAUTIFUL day in Vermont!  Not a cloud in the sky, crisp cool morning, warming up gradually during the day - perfect weather!  We took advantage of it and got outside twice today: once in the morning for our 11am to noon training block, and again in the afternoon for practice between our last class of the day and dinner.  It's a packed schedule here!  
 This morning we headed up to Lot 1 where we worked on agility, balance, and speed as a group.  
 This afternoon we headed out for a run around the back of Stratton and out to Stratton Pond.  No pictures from that adventure - coaches were running too!  
 Tomorrow we've got a double pole workout on the schedule!   More pictures from today HERE.
 If you haven't seen it yet, check out the article that FasterSkier put together about our SMS T2 Team.   FasterSkier also posted a few videos earlier in the week of the SMS T2 group during summer training.  Check out the tab above on the toolbar (SMS T2 Team) for more info and news about that group.  They're up in Maine at a training camp right now and we look forward to their updates and photos when they return this weekend.

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