Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BKL Camp Clean Rooms And Skits

Tuesday afternoon everyone we heard from Erika and Sophie about skiing in college and saw some exciting video from NCAA's. Then everyone went through 3 strength routines (legs, core, upper body).
After dinner, we had entertainment for the staff :)
 Each year we have a clean room contest at camp. These pictures only show small parts of the rooms, so you do not get the true effect, but you can get an idea.... the rooms are great!

 The clean room contest was followed by skits. Here are a couple of pictures from the skits.

 This group actually made their own song and sang it!
 Nice moves!
 Some sort of horse race....
....that ended in disaster!
 Security for the gymnastic portion of the Olympics.

Too fast to photo!

We will try to get more pictures up on our smug mug account soon!

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