Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trail Work Report From Sophie

It has officially been one month since graduation and everything is going smoothly for the new team! 

We are living in some apartments at the base of the mountain that Stratton has generously allowed us to stay in for the summer and fall. In exchange, we are working on their Nordic trails at the Sunbowl.

We are cutting and clearing any trees and branches that are leaning over the trails and hauling them off into the woods. This should allow for wider trails that are easier to groom and require less snow to be skiable. It’s a win – win situation for us because the work we’re doing now should benefit us during the season when we have awesome trails to ski on right outside of our doors. 

Erika and I hauled most of the big trees off the trails while Eric, Skyler, and Andy picked up the little branches we left behind. It was a very efficient system and Erika and I are feeling like our hours in the gym are really paying off! Just kidding, we all worked hard and got a good portion of the trail totally cleared off so it should only need about 6 inches of snow to be decent skiing now. 

Thanks to Sverre for being the chainsaw master and to Stratton for providing us with housing!

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