Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Skate Roll from East Dorset

 This morning we did a 2+ hour skate rollerski from East Dorset up Route 7.   The younger girls skied in a pack together up and back on 7, while the older group took did an extra out and back off of Rt. 7.  Beautiful morning of skiing with lots of technical improvements!  Check out FasterSkier today for a feature story & interview with Andy Newell as well as a preview of the Elite Team.  
 Sverre cruises with the college girls.  
 Rizio and Tegan working on their no pole skiing. 
 Hamish, Gino, Koby, & Austin.
 Scenic rollerskiing!
 Magnus joined us for today's workout.
 J2 girls take a photo at the halfway point of their ski!  Pip, Ana, Tess, Tegan, & Mackenzie. 
 J2 girls head back and older boys head for the turn around. 
 Mollie & Issy.
 Anya & Cam.
 J2 crew. 
 Boys almost home.

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