Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nice Day for a Bike Ride!

 After our juniors crushed the SAT this morning, the whole team headed out for a bike ride near school.  Starting from the bottom of the Stratton access road, we road a loop around Winhall Hollow/Old Town Rd - Rt 30 - Rt 11 - Rt 100 - Rt 30 and then UP the access road back to school!   28.5 miles total for everyone and perfect weather.  What a nice way to finish up the week!  Above and below the team starts out together on Winhall Hollow Road. 

Riding down Old Town Road into the intersection with Rt. 30. 
Heading up Rt. 30 towards Bromley/Rt. 11.

Coming to the intersection of Rt 30 & Rt 11.

Making the turn onto Rt 100 in Londonderry.
Last turn!  Up the Access Road to school. 

Almost there!  Kate & Brooke about to reach the alpine area and the highest point on their ride today at mile 28.

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