Friday, May 18, 2012

Gorgeous Day in Vermont!

 We're in for a beautiful 3-4 days in Vermont and we kicked off the weekend with an easy rollerski around school this afternoon.  This morning during our AM training block we got to hear Kelly Brush (GMVS alum/Middlebury '08) speak about her amazing organization - the Kelly Brush Foundation.  Kelly suffered a serious spinal cord injury after a crash in an alpine ski race in 2006 and started her foundation to promote safety in alpine ski racing - more safety nets, better padding for lift towers, etc. - as well as provide grants to athletes with similar injuries so they can return to an active lifestyle as soon as possible.  It was a great to hear her inspiring story!  
 The seniors are done with classes and today they completed the first day of their final exams.  Paddy is clearly pretty psyched about this. :) 
 Junior boys: Gino, Tyler, & Hamish. 
 Seniors Calvin and Mac cruise along near campus. 
 Rizio gets some coaching from Sverre.
 Mackenzie. :)
 Calvin, Tyler, Hamish, Gino.
 Seniors practicing their prom poses for Saturday night's junior/senior prom at SMS.  Stay tuned for photos.  : ) 
Post-practice crew: Tyler, Corky, Paddy, Mackenzie, Calvin, Tess, & Kate. 

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