Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beautiful Day For A Hike (-A-Thon)

This morning everyone in the school took a great hike with the goals of raising money for our scholarship fund, getting in a good workout and learning a bit about the Long Trail.
This group started out at the Kelley Stand Road, jogged the 5 miles in to Stratton Pond, then hiked up the back side of Stratton and down the ski trails back to school. The rest of the school did the hike in the opposite dirrection.
We had a perfect day for the hike with temps in the low 50's, blue sky and lots of sun. Stratton Pond is 5 miles from the nearest road so not too many people go there, but it is well worth the hike! 

We climbed the fire tower on the top of Stratton and had great views in every direction. Above, is the view south with Somerset resevoir and Mt. Snow. Below is the view north with Stratton Pond and Bromley.
A great time was had by all!

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