Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ok check this out.  Centered in the photo one of the greatest "coaches" of all time, Richard Simmons.  A fitness guru like no other he pioneered the ultimate and original cross fit "sweatin to the oldies"  Don't know what I am talking about? google it, youtube it.

Photo was in the Vegas airport 2005 on the way to Truckee JN's!

Wait there's a lot more going here in this pic.  Far right none other than SMS coach, art teacher, year book commander and 2012 team New England JN coach Liz Kantack.  Richard made such an impression on her she went right into the health and fitness world of nordic coaching! Right beside her Ida Sargent from the powerful GRP team from Craftsbury and the USST.  Back row blue hat? SMS alum and UVM skier Fritz Horst. Blue head band? SMS alum and Utah skier Parker Tyler. Right in front of her, Burke coach, 2012 New England JN coach and Middlebury alum Kate Barton.  Right behind Richard, Kristen Dewey SMS and Dartmouth alum now coaching high school skiers in VT.  Tall Dude in the back?  The head coach on trip from Burke and now a big cheese on the USST staff, Matt Whitcomb!  Don't worry Sophie we still see half your face right behind the "fro"  Sophie Caldwell SMS and Dartmouth Alum and SMS Elite team member.

If you know the rest fill in the blanks...

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