Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow Day!

Snow day today at SMS!  Kate, Mollie, Anika, Calvin, Matt, and Liz spent the morning on a powder tour around the trail system and then hit up the alpine area for a run down the mountain on nordic skis (thanks Sky!).  It was the first time on a chairlift in a while for most of us, but fortunately soft powder is forgiving when you fall, so we enjoyed the experience and I'm sure the alpiners and boarders found us pretty amusing. : )  In the afternoon the junior girls took their alpine & snowboard classmates out for a lesson!   From left to right: Chloe Daley (alpine), Anika, Mollie, Kate, Marian Lobell (snowboard) and Mary Kate Visnic (alpine).   Tomorrow morning the JN kids take off for Utah - we'll be sure to update with photos while we're away! 
 Anika, Kate, and Mollie about to hit up the Sunbowl alpine trails.
 Calvin, Anika, Kate, Matt, Syd the dog, and Mollie on a tour.
 Powder!  We've gotten a LOT of snow here in the last 30 hours. 
Yesterday was our last day of BKL practice with West River.  We practiced tags for the upcoming BKL Festival and worked on our transitions before heading in for hot chocolate and brownies. Mmmmm... : )

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