Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Skate Speed Day

We've started off the week with two really great days of skiing on our own nordic trails.  Yesterday we did a easy distance skate ski (no pictures, coaches skied too!) and today we did a shorter skate ski where we focused on speed and skiing through transitions and varying terrain.  We're trying to work on a smooth transition and switching techniques seamlessly.  Skyler (above) is in town for a few days and it's always great to have him back with the team and pushing the pace.  
 Paddy & Gino.
 Koby & Calvin.
 Hamish & Charlie.
 Scott Mooney & Russell.
 Brooke & Katharine.
 Tyler & Corky.
 Skyler leads Paddy, Gino and a train of boys. 
 Charlie, Hamish, Koby, Calvin.
 Koby & Calvin.
 Russell and Scott.
 Tyler & Corky.
 Tess & Mackenzie.
 Corky & Paddy.
 Charlie & Hamish.
 Corky & Mac.
 Scott & Katharine.
 Mackenzie & Tess.
 Hamish & Gino.
 Paddy & Corky.
 Mac & Tyler.
Calvin & Koby.

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