Sunday, July 31, 2011

They Did It !

Waiting nervously.
Ah ha, here she comes.

Mr. and Mrs Boobar.
Congratulations Matt and Kate !

Thursday, July 28, 2011


We had another beautiful day for our d-pole distance workout this morning. 2 hours of upper body work isn't too bad when the temps are in the low 60's!

Most of the crew is pretty well recovered from last week, but some are still tired. As coaches, we try to have the group doing similar workouts so they can work together and we can monitor them. During easy periods, this is simple because everyone feels good. When we ramp up training, it is very important to individualize. The goal is to stress the system and then allow it to recover and build up stronger. There are a bunch of tricks to allow us to do more like alternating upper and lower body stress, following hard days with easy days etc, But.. it is very important for the athletes to be realistic and allow adequate recovery. Without recovery, you just tear yourself down. Since last week was tough for everyone, this week will be easy to very easy. The goal for this week is to feel good by Sunday.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SMS Video Chosen Among Top 5

The USST women asked summer training groups around the US to put together 3 minute video clips for a contest to show their groups in action. 24 video entries were submitted and they are all fun and entertaining. The USST women then narrowed the list to 5 finalists and asked the ski world to vote.
Tyler Foulkes filmed our summer crew in action and submitted a short film and our video has made the final 5!

One of the neat things about our group is that it includes a wide range of skiers, from BKL age through college skiers. We set up group training so the youngsters can train alongside college skiers (we have girls from Dartmouth, Bates, UVM, UNH, MSU and Middlebury).

The biggest goal of the video challenge was to excite skiers. It is working, we have had over 1,000 people view our video.

If you would like to see the top five videos and vote, click here. You will have to scroll down the page a little to see the videos. Of course we would love your vote, but we encourage you to view them all and vote for your favorite.

If you would just like to see our video, click here .

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun, games and bounding

This is an easy week for us so we had an easier bounding day. We always start with some drills and jumps for a warm up. It is nice to see that the group is starting to improve with a good forward position.

Our new drill is to do 1 leg jumps through a course, changinging directions and moving forward. The idea is to improve basic body awarenes and leg strength.

After some ski walking and bounding, we ended the workout with some ball tosses and core strength.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Meet the New Kids: Part 5

Gino Pastore is joining us from Durango Colorado. Last week Gino placed in the top 15 in all three races at the National Championships for Mtn. biking. He then zipped out here to train with us for 10 days and participate in our Tour of Southern VT.
Gino's hobbies include pumpkin carving and pie baking. He will be in 11th grade and should be an excellent addition to our team.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Volume Week

We finished up our volume week with a skate ski this morning. After a couple of drills and 1:15 of easy distance we threw in a couple of practice starts and some leg speeds. Everyone is pretty tired from training 17-20 hrs and racing yesterday, but spirits were high and we had a good workout.
Enjoy the pictures and click on any to enlarge.

Tough Cookie.

Drive the poles down with enough force to bend them!

Magnus was on classic skis and he won every sprint start (well..he tied Skyler). His secret..faster off the line and faster wheel speed...a good combo for an eight second sprint start.

We ended the workout with some leg speeds.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Race For The Cure

This morning a bunch of our group jumped in the Race For The Cure 5 km. running race in Manchester. Hundreds of people come out for this cancer fundraiser and we try to do the race every July.
We were lucky that it was cloudy and low 70's during the race. Everyone did very well, especially considering that they are fresh off of our Tour. I think that nearly everyone set PR's.
Picture above is 300 meters into the race. Sorry I didn't get everyone.

Skyler hammers in for 2nd place.
Austin Cobb makes his move.
Issy P.
Katharine, George F and Chloe start their finish sprint.
Warming down.

Leader Board.
SMS moms supporting the cause.
Some of our group relax after the race.