Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sun Valley Rest Day

Today was our "day off". We took a morning jog which led into a course inspection for Saturdays hill climb. The hill climb is going to be a doozie.... it starts with a good climb, then rolls for a km and then heads up a big, steep hill. We'll take pictures on Saturday.
This afternoon we headed 7 miles out of town for a swim. Enjoy the pictures.

Getting ready to head home.
The drive up and back to the swimming hole was tight in spots.
This evening we invited over a bunch of alums and SMS staff alums for dinner. It was fun relaxing with everyone and recounting some memorable moments.
Tomorrow we have the classic sprint. Forecast is for 50's and sun...could be nice (and sloppy).

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sun Valley 10/15 Pictures

Marching toward the start of the 15 km mass start.
Today we had the 10/15 km classic mass start races in Sun Valley. Congratulations to winners Kris Freeman and Kikkan along with all of the other racers. The field here is very strong. There are EC winners and NCAA Champs placing in the 30's and 40's!
The trail winds around the valley.
These pictures are compliments of Lilly and Skyler (who has a cold). Click on any picture to enlarge.
Zach cheers Kris as he pulls away for the win.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sun Valley Spring Series Prologue

Part of the fun thing about Spring Series is that everyone is relaxed and you can hang out with kids from other teams. Our kids have gone tubing with the SV kids and we are going out to dinner with the Jrs from Sun Valley, Norway and Burke tomorrow night. began in earnest today with the 3+/- km prologue. Congratulations to Simi and Kikkan who dusted everyone! The courses were tough, with a killer climb half way through followed by a screaming downhill (no recovery) into another climb. We had kids ski well, ski too conservatively, and blow up...on was great! It's all an excellent learning experience, figuring out how to ski at altitude after racing 8 races in the previous two weeks.
Ski prep in the afternoon.
Issy P looking good.
Hallie is beginning where all of the O2 is.
Rachel flies around the course.
Tyler zips up the big hill on his way to the J2 win.
Charlie B.
Mac rounds the corner.
Murph tucks the hill above the stadium.
Bridger hammers the hill (then dies).
Paddy skied well and placed 2nd for J1's.
Skyler hits the 2nd hill.
Andy is "running on fumes" at the end of a long season but he still goes pretty fast :)

Parkas on spring series??? Yup...mid teens last night, cloudy and low 20's today. It was interesting for waxing...everyone was trying all of the different powders, liquids and rub ons and nothing was jumping out. Ski flex, structure and figuring out how to ski in the thinner air were all much more important.
Pack 'em up and take 'em out. Time to get ready for tomorrow's 10 and 15 km classic mass start races...forecast... low 30's with light snow :)