Monday, December 12, 2011

Fall Camp Update

Sorry about the lack of news, the internet is very spotty here. We will try to get a recap with pictures up over the next few days.
Camp is winding down here at Snow Mtn Ranch. The younger kids left this morning and the older kids are leaving tomorrow.
We had a great weekend, clear blue skies and nice temps. On Saturday a bunch of us went down to Steamboat for a TT with their group. It was fun see the crew from Steamboat and good to get in a practice race. We were definitely a bit tired from all of the skiing we have been doing, but everyone gave a good effort and skied well. The Rocky kids beat us fair and square so the TT should be a good wake up call.
Yesterday we had a classic OD. Most of us skied up the Blue Ridge Trail to the top of the pass and had spectacular views in all directions. The climb up gained 2000' in elevation and we topped out at about 10,700!
Today we have 2 easier skis with some speed and technique, then we pack up and get ready for our 6:15 am departure.

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