Monday, June 13, 2011

Finals and Training Partners

This is our last week of school. The students had Math and History finals today, English and Science tomorrow and language on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, our summer additions are starting to roll in.
Sometimes we don't realize how good we have it here. Imagine training every day with 9 skiers who placed top 10 at Jr Nationals (4 who got gold), 4 skiers who made USST trips and the only two X-C skiers in the US to be named to next years Youth Olympic games. Then add in our summer additions; a couple of NCAA All Americans, a USST member and a couple more skiers who have made the USST J1 or World Jr Team trips. We have an awesome group that trains here; it's going to be fun!

Tess clips along.
Heather and Hallie.
NCAA Champ Sam Tarling (BMA,Dartmouth) is down training with us for the week.
Sorry you're out of focus Issy.

Tyler and Koby.

Russell Boswell came to join us today because he is all done with school.

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