Friday, May 6, 2011

SMS Boys XC Travels to Midd for B-Ball, Midd wins in OT

After 2 weeks of trading trash talk and 3 days of practice, the SMS nordie boys headed uo to Middlebury college this afternoon for a basketball game against the Midd Nordie boys. Midd is led by SMS alums Austin Cobb and Chase Marston. Knowing this, our boys seem a bit overconfident... we'll soon find out...stay tuned for an update later this evening!
No pictures yet, but I hear that it was a great see-saw battle. Midd jumped to an early lead, SMS strormed back to go up by 10, then Chase nailed a couple 3's near the end to tie the game to send it to overtime. Midd went up by 3 and Skyler rimmed a three pointer at the buzzer.
A good time was had by all and the SMS boys returned home to lick their wounds.

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