Monday, May 2, 2011

3 Peaks Challenge

Today we had a school fundraiser. Everyone solicited sponsors to donate money for climbing up and skiing down 3 mountains. The goal was to summit 3 local ski mountains, but the warm weather of the last couple of weeks forced us to change plans and stick with Stratton for all 3 climbs.
We had an organizational meeting at 8 and then drove to the base lodge and started our hiking. The weather was nice and everyone had a good time and was in fine spirits.
There wasn't much snow at the bottom of the mountain, but the skiing was excellent on the top 3/4's of the mountain. The temps rose into the 50's and it was nice corn snow skiing.

Heading up North American.

Summit smiles.
The picture above shows Bromley. There isn't much snow left there so we climbed Stratton 3 times instead of driving there and to Magic.
On our third trip down, we went to the lookout at the top of the Grizzly trail. Here is a picture of the base area.

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