Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mte Ste Anne Wrap

The other night we had a "yankee swap". Everyone picked out a silly present ($5 limit), wrapped it and put it under the tree. We then picked numbers which gave us our picking order. There was a slight twist...if a later # person liked a present that had already been picked, they could swap their unopened present for it. It was good fun for all.

Who is that?
Yesterday we had a classic sprint practice in a snowstorm. We had 2 prelim rounds followed by two heats. The practice reminded us of how tough sprint days are for the skiers who work their way through the heats.
Today was cold, but spectacular. click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.
This is part of the main lodge at the cross country center.
Clear, cool, bluebird sky and 6" of perfectly groomed fresh powder. Not a bad day for our last ski here.
We spent this morning dialing in our kick zones and then taking a classic tour.

Team picture day :)
Les filles.
Les garcons.
Tomorrow we head to Craftsbury and the race season begins in earnest.

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