Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fall Camp at MSA

Our days start with a pre-breakfast run and stretch.
At 8:30 we head up to the ski center for our morning workout. We usually ski from 9-11. Today was an easy day. We split up into pairs with an older skier helping a younger skier for 25 minutes of technique work. This is a great way to have the older skiers really think about what they are doing and how to help correct technique issues and it is fun for everyone.

After skiing in pairs, we split into three groups and did some technique drills and worked on transitions. The skiing was great and no one wanted to stop at 10:45.
Skiing transitions.
Working on the herringbone.
Rachel crests the hill in an excellent forward position.
Life is good.
Hallie shows that she has come to the morning workout well prepared as she eats her snack post workout.
Lunch time chat.
Early afternoon consists of study time and nap time. Then we leave to ski again at 2:30. This afternoon we tested skis. We had hammered out alot of kms over the first three days and we wanted to back off before starting some intensity tomorrow.
Sorry, no pictures of ski testing :)
Dinner time.
The boys sit down to dinner. Notice the fresh baked bread and well stocked shelves in the background.
After dinner we have our team meeting to discuss plans for the next several days, then it's time for a good sleep.

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