Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Break to Hill Sprints

The pack starts the "Bear Hill" 5 miles into the race

The SMS cycling team went straight from Spring break to racing in two days and managed remarkably well. Skyler and Austin C. raced solid in the Boys' A staying with the leaders until 300 meters to go. Skyler actually finished the last uphill on a front Flat! Magnus and alpine skier Zach Cansella held on for some mid-pack C group finishes. Zach even had to jump off his bike and fix his chain mid race!. Gage and Cam tore up the 20 mile course from Holderness School to Waterville Valley to take 1st and 2nd in their B race. Heather Mooney and Izzy Caldwell also had awesome races placing 2nd and 3rd in the A race right behind Proctor Academy's Nordic All American Maddie Pfieffer.

During the spring at SMS the nordic team has a cycling focus with the end goal being a 100 miler in June. Along with riding 3-4 days a week a lot of the nordies and some alpine skiers jump in 4 high school races on wed. afternoons. The High school league is great with about 10 schools, 140 racers and 5 different ability categories. We find cycling to be the perfect spring sport for the skiers. They can stay fit, work on some leg strength and start building up their base, all in a low impact low stress training mode.

Legs on FIRE after the two mile climb to the finish

Hallie right near top

Zach overcame some mechanicals issues and finished the climb strong

A Peleton's Eye View of the Boy's A field

The Girls B team

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