Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Day Full of Surprises

Our day began with a morning run and breakfast. It was a little colder today, twenty or thirty degrees instead of thirty or forty degrees. We then left for the venue and after cleaning our race skis we skied around the classic course. The course is pretty awesome with some epic downhills and pretty difficult ups. The only bummer of the day is that two Midwest J2 girls are now on crutches. I guess there was a pile up of Midwest girls on one of the downhills and some of them flew into the woods, causing some substantial damage to their knees. So hopefully those girls will have speedy recoveries.
This crash got some of the other divisions scared so they petitioned for an interval start tomorrow instead of a mass start. We know they only wanted an interval start because they are scared of New England's performance yesterday! So, tomorrow's race has been switched to an interval start, but we are not fazed, we are all ready to kick butt again tomorrow!
The real highlight of the day came during our nightly meeting. It began with Boobar going over tomorrow's logistics, and then Will gave us a superb pep talk about tomorrow. Then the fun began. Boobar surprised us with a piƱata so that we could all unleash our frustration over the sudden change of race start. We had a marvelous time! After about fifteen or so people hitting the ducky, Bridger made a little hole and then Sammy T absolutely destroyed the duck. The candy is delicious, but we didn't get very much because all of the OJ boys were crouched and ready to go and immediately jumped as soon as Sam took his swing. We're all ready to ski fast tomorrow and secure our Alaska Cup, overall club, and Girls and Boys High School leads!!!!!
Isabel and Heather

David being David.

Hamish and his snuggy with his sword.

Ducky and the Alaska Cup.

Boobar has found true love!

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