Saturday, February 6, 2010

Classic 5/10 km at Trapps

Today we had a combined Eastern Cup, UVM Carnival race. It was cold and clear and 468 racers enjoyed the perfect and stable conditions. It is always fun to get everyone together. It is good for competition and it is fun to see our alums and their families at the race.
Talk of the day had to be the fact that Heather Mooney and Corey Stock placed 4th and 7th overall for women. I would imagine that will keep people talking for awhile!
Our team did well, but not as well as we would like. We're planning to come out charging for tomorrows skate races.
Great tracks and great skiing at Trapps.
Austin hammering an uphill.
Walker got to start just as alum Chase Marston skied through so he got a ride for a couple of kms.

Familiar sight for the J2 girls podium. These 3 have been the top 3 in almost every race and they are skiing fast. Today it was Heathers turn to win, but Corey was only 5 seconds behind and Maddie had a fine race too. This is probably the first time ever that two J2 girls have been in the top 10 at a college carnival.

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