Saturday, January 2, 2010

ValCartier 1st report

A crew of 8 SMS skiers headed up to Quebec for some Noram's on New Years Eve. After being woken up late night by some 2010 hotel hallway celebrations we were out at 8am for a jog and breakfast. We attempted to take a "short cut" up to the venue but about 26 stop lights later we figured the highway was the way to go. We got some good training on the 2.5k lap pursuit courses and were ready to race the next afternoon. Once the racing started you could tell the Canadians were all business with some pretty fast skiers dominating the races and all trying to qualify for world's. Our crew fared pretty well after starting in the last row in the fields of 75 skiers!

Some highlights were, Heather (11th), Cam (25th), Hallie (30th) all passed huge chunks of the field during the 10k event New England and CSU skier Corey Stock was very impressive moving from the final row to 5th on the first lap 2.5k were she finished the day.'

Austin Caldwell was a little off his a game but still managed a respectable mid-pack finish in his first 20K.

compete results here:

Looking ahead to the sprint, we want to be a little more focused on racing well and doing the little extra things that add up to making a big difference

Ashleigh 75 meters to go, looking great after having to pass over 25 skiers

New England and CSU skier Corey Stock in 4 way sprint for 2nd

Hallie lapping on the skate leg.

The wax weasles at work, the team has been super helpful waxing their own skis and organizing while I attend meetings etc.

Kickin' it in the deluxe Normandin

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