Monday, January 4, 2010

Great Racing Continues in AK

We had a 15km for males and a 10 km for women today. The course was tough and the snow got sugary on the hills to make it even tougher. Congratulations to National Champions Kris Freeman and Kikkan Randall!
I didn't have a chance to get many pictures and I have not studied the results yet, but here's a quick take. The kids all skied pretty well. Skyler probably had his best distance skate ever and the others hung tough with solid, but not great results. This was our first skate race and we need to work on it :). No sweat, it's good to get whopped on once in awhile. I guess that the bright side is that if you don't feel great and you are still top 20 in the country for your age group, it's ok.
We are all looking forward to the classic race on Wednesday!
Izzy said "It was tough", but she hung in there for 10th place for J1's.
Gage felt terrible during the first lap, but skied better at the end.
Kikkan made it 2 for 2 as she hammered the 2nd lap and took the win.

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