Friday, October 30, 2009

Carving ( turns and pumpkins)

It was a fun day yesterday. We had our Halloween party (pumpkin carving and dance) and we were joined by alumni Cam MacKugler and Sophie Caldwell for a skate speed and agility workout. Enjoy the pictures (click to enlarge).
one leg slalom

nice air


"Thompsonburg Road" featuring Mike M (snowboard coach), Alex L (English teacher) and Bret H (History teacher), kept the tunes coming and the dance floor crowded.
Hansel, Zoolander and friend.

Coach Boobar

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SMS Alumni Report From Megan

Hi guys!

So far Dartmouth has been amazing! I basically live out of the girl’s locker room and enjoy the sauna after practice and things are good! I got a fish for my room! It’s a betta and his name is Elton…I think he adds character.
Hanover is beautiful, training has been great (I especially like Thursday morning yoga), and while classes are definitely giving me a kick in the butt, they’re also good ☺.
Last weekend was Home Coming, which was totally fun and insane! The nordie girls had all the freshmen girls dress up in spandex and sports bras (which we would do anyway!) and we ran countless laps around the giant bonfire on the green (one of the many Dartmouth traditions…haha).
I’m definitely getting the itch for snow, and getting REALLY excited for camp! But for now I’m enjoying the fall and learning all the ins and outs of college life!

(heh heh...Megan didn't know that I had a secret photographer on site)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Early Classic and 3000 Run

This morning we did a little classic specific strength and speed, but it was much too dark to take pictures (we drove the kids to the sunbowl and left our headlights on so they could see). We followed the ski with some upper body and core strength.
This afternoon we went to Bennington for our 3000 meter running test. We had not done the test in 13 months and it was nice to see that we had PR's for all but one (Izzy has been sick). Mt. Anthony Union HS is very kind and lets us run on their track. It was fun to see their xc running team just finishing up a speed workout when we arrived. Runners of the day were Austin Cobb, Tyler, Heather and Rachel. Here are the times: Austin Cobb 9:59, Skyler 10:07, Matt 10:10, Bridger 10:23, Austin Caldwell 10:30, Tyler 10:56, Walker 11:06, Heather 11:07, Rachel 11:13, Mac 11:15, Gage 11:48, Hallie 12:07, Cambria 12:11, Izzy 12:13, Issy 12:23, Brooke 14:05.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Nice Day for Skate Distance plus Mystery Photo

It was a beautiful day for a skate distance workout at BMD. Tomorrow we have a double day, so today we just cruised, worked on technique and enjoyed the weather.

Mystery photo: 10 points for identifying the pilot. Hint: picture is taken in East Timor.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

SMS Alumni Report from Hilary

Hilary Rich, pictured below, sends a report about her freshman fall at Middlebury. Thanks Hilary!
Middlebury has been great so far! I’m taking an economics seminar, a computer science course and a West European politics class, so I am exploring some different interests here. The campus is beautiful, there are great views from just about anywhere you go, and the foliage was gorgeous. I’ve really been enjoying the roller skiing here, and the team is awesome. Andrew Gardner and Patty Ross (our coaches) have been amazing, and are really great at working on technique, and their strength plan is definitely making me sore…

AG and Patty have been keeping us going with a bunch of fun workouts. The other weekend we did some orienteering; my partner Doug and I were one of the first to go out, and by far the last to come in, but we have some good stories to tell! A couple days later, we traveled over to Keene to take a hike and visit with the McClelland family! We’ve had a couple uphill running time trials, which are not exactly my forte, but they have gone relatively well for me. We also had a double pole time trial, and tomorrow is our skate TT with UVM up at Jericho, followed by a classic TT up Brandon Gap on Sunday! Next weekend we’re planning on going to Hanover to run up Moosilauke, which is going to be a rough one, although I think I’ve come to terms with my lack of running skills.

Another fun thing we do is play speedball, which is the Middlebury Ski Team’s favorite game; I can’t say I’ve been contributing on the field a whole lot, but it’s fun to be out there. Overall, I am keeping busy between work, classes and training, but I am definitely loving it. I can’t wait for the season to begin and to be able to line up at the start!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Busy Saturday at SMS

This morning our enrichment class was about the environment. Everyone saw a short movie and our Environmental Science teacher, Tyne Pike-Sprenger, talked about energy conservation. The students then wrote 350 recycled post cards to Governor Douglas encouraging him to make VT greener.
After the class, we headed to our campus trails for some tough hill intervals. It was one of our harder workouts of the fall, with 10 60-80 second intervals raced head to head. Skyler and Heather were king and queen of the mountain and collected their prizes during our video review after lunch.
We finished the day with a good strength workout and we're all looking forward to a very easy day tomorrow!

Friday, October 23, 2009

SMS '09 alumni report #2-Karmen

Karmen Whitham is at NMU this year. Here is her update along with a picture of her taken in Germany on our spring trip last year. Thanks Karmen! (PS...I'm not sure why the format is mixed up...sorry Karmen).
NMU is great. I cannot believe I have been here for two months already!
I am currently running on the cross country running team, meaning I hop
in the races every so often. I have been running pretty well and made
the Conference team. People who do well at the Conference then move on
to Regionals and then from there is Nationals which is the big
NCAA race with all the top college runners in the country. Otherwise
it's ski training. We usually go out for something oyo in the mornings
and then meet up in the afternoon for a group workout. These are bomb.
Never in my life have I actually been pumped up, excited and happy to
do intervals, however these days I just love them. It doesn't matter
where I am in the pack, as long as I'm feeling like I'm doing it right
things are awesome. Technique work is a never ending process but I feel
like working on technique is more like playing a video game-it's
addicting and super satisfying once you actually ingrain how to do
it-just like a video game-and video games are fun. Keep on keeping on
ski world, and feel free to email me!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pictures from the last two rolls

Yesterday we did an easy OD skate on the back roads near school. They are replacing a bridge and the road is closed to all but local traffic so it was great for skating (no traffic).
click on any picture to enlarge.

Today we did one of our favorite workouts, classic skiing the 3 hills of Weston. Each hill is 3-4 kms long and each is seperated by 3-5 kms of flat terrain. We use the flat terrain to warm up and/or flush things out and we ski the hills L3/L4 . Everyone looked good today and it was nice to see some pretty good hammering at the top of the last climb. Alums Cameron and Sophie joined us again so we had quite a good crew!

Here are Cameron and Austin on the 3rd hill. Days are getting shorter and you can see why we ask the SMS kids to wear their yellow shirts.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sweden update from Doug

We have asked our recent alums to give us updates on their first year after SMS. Doug Amos is spending a year in Sweden before attending UVM. Here is a picture of him at our summer Moosilauke camp and his update. Thanks Doug!

Hej Från Sverige!
Hello peeps! (hmmm... it sounded so cool when Newell used it... now it just sounds silly.) Anyway, After one and something months, 110ish hours of training, multiple coaches comments on my ilog saying "where's my blog!?"... You get the idea.
I decided to come to Sweden about five minutes after reading my rejection letter from Dartmouth and so far, it has been the best plan I have ever come up with... in five minutes. I am living in central Sweden, in a town called Sveg (which is the shortest name for a town I have seen so far. Usually it's something like: Lilhärsårgarsgatansvälla:-) and am going to the regional ski school here. I have done a great many things! including but not limited to: training 30 hours in six days the week after I got here, skiing in September at the Torsby ski tunnel, coming to grips with a language that when I first got here sounded like someone trying to speak German who had a wicked hangover, skiing on the same trails as the Swedish A team, and Euroing around in general.
A couple weekends ago my friends Tobbe, Jonas and I drove about 3:30 south to a town called Torsby which has a combined national and local ski school. We stayed at the school in some dorms for 100 Swedish Kroner a day which is about 14 dollars so... I would have done Sverre proud for being so cheap. I trained 9:10 in the tunnel over the weekend and it never got old. It smelled a lot like an ice rink when I walked in and about as cold. It took about two steps and I remembered how to ski again. Talk about easy to transition from rollerskis to the real stuff. The tracks were so well maintained that it still felt like road. Nothing like early skiing in Vermont where there are all those little bumps and undulations that happen when there isn´t quite enough cover.
Every weekend brings a new escapade to try to find some more snow to ski on. Last weekend, my three friends Jonas, Tobias, Victor, and myself drove about 2 hours north and stayed at Victor's cabin. It was a low volume weekend. So only 8:15 over two days instead of 9:10 :-) To sum up the weekend, I got to see the Swedish A team ski by looking as awkward as I did (it was pretty tough snow to ski on) and... well, let's just say I have now been photographed with my shirt sort of on, sort of off in an appealing way in another country.
But all is not forgotten of home, there are times when all of a sudden something will jog my memory and I will have a revelation. For instance, I was taking receipts out of my wallet a few weeks ago, and I found a receipt for gas from this summer. I then suddenly remembered the warm summer mornings of driving up to SMS and training with the gang.
Bye for now. But remember, you are only safe until Christmas. I'm back the 15th!

Doug just sent this picture of himself in Sweden.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rolling and Running at SMS

This morning we drove up to "lot 1" and worked on balance and sprint starts for 30 minutes, then did a 10 minute d-pole uphill up Tree Tops. The climb is steep and we wanted a little specific strength.... it was there, we did it. These pictures are from the bottom. The sun had just started to show 30 minutes into our morning workout.

Morning workout was followed by a team favorite, breakfast sandwiches, and then a full day of classes.

This afternoon, Cam skated (sore legs/shin splints) and everyone else did some running intervals. We tried to work on our running technique (seems that we run a little like skiers...too much upper body tension and big, slow steps). It was a good workout and we ended the training day with some core strength. Nice day, good training, no complaints.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stocks,Skate OD and Dinner

We have been having Saturday morning "academic enrichment" sessions at SMS this fall. Yesterday the kids learned a little bit about how the stock market works by watching a movie and playing a stock market simulation game. Some of the kids were fired up and are already scheming about how to make their millions, while others are figuring that they are not really interested in the risk side.
After lunch, we did a skate OD. We are nearing the end of "leaf peeping" season, but there are still lots of "peepers" around so we decided to ski rte 7 north of Manchester (big shoulder on the road) and then ski over the Danby -Mt. Tabor road. Rte 7 is quite flat, the Mt. Tabor road is the opposite, it climbs for 15 kms. and turns to dirt 1/2 way up.

Megan came down from Dartmouth to say hi and ski with the group. Here she is, leading the pack along the gentle part of rte 7.

The dirt skiing would have been better on V2 aero skis. Some sections were fine, but some were frustrating. I guess the bright side is that there was no traffic and it was a tough work out! I am also confident that the dirt road skiing is going to help strength and balance.
Brooke working her way up the final climb.

Hallie has been working on her balance. If she can get a complete weight shift on the uneven dirt road, she should float on snow!
After the ski, we all went to the Caldwells for pasta, salad and pie. It was a good way to relax and refuel after the busy week.