Thursday, July 30, 2009

Awesome Ashleigh in Australia

SMS winter termer, Ashleigh Spittle is having an excellent winter at home in Australia. She is getting tons of compliments on her technique and her results. It looks as if all of her hard work is starting to pay off. Congratulations Ashleigh, we're all proud of you. Keep it up!
Here she is leading the pack in the Australian U16 Pursuit Championships. Notice the yellow bib. She lived up to bib color and brought home the gold.

Ashleigh following a National Team member on a nice Aussie day.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Race For The Cure

We finished off our big week with the 5 km Race For The Cure and then a hike up Bromley. After training 15-20 hours, it was interesting to see the group put on their bibs. Some of them were clearly quite tired, but they all had good efforts and everyone knew they had earned the easy week coming up. There were over 700 racers and it was fun being part of "the happening" and raising money for the fight against breast cancer.

Here are the times: Skyler 18:19, Bridger 18:23, Cobby 18:24, Doug 18:47, Austin 19:09, Sophie 19:38, Rachel 21:14, Karmen 21:48, Hallie 22:15, Megan 22:38, IzzyC 22:43, IssyP 23:15, Alyssa 25:50.

Thanks to Herve P. for a bunch of these pictures.

It doesn't always look fun.

All four "devo" girls ran the entire race and did very well. The last picture is of "devo" skier Mackenzie Rizio nearing the finish. Congratulations to all four!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Specific strength, skate pick-ups and cookout

This is the end of a hard week for us. We had a good 2:15 specific strength workout this morning and then a skate ski with technique drills and pick-ups this afternoon.

After 1:20 of double poling, the group does 3 by 11 minutes of single stick action up the hill.

2 kilometers (and 11 minutes) of single sticking up Terrible Mountain and the boys hit a couple of steep pitches. Here Pat and Doug power on up while Cam hangs on for dear life.

Two of the "devo" girls got their first try at skating and did a great job this afternoon.

After the ski, we had a nice swim and cookout at Hapgood Pond. the cookout, things got a little silly.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Moosilauke Camp

Each summer we go up to the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge for a 3 day camp in the White Mountains. It is a great place to hike and a nice way for the team to have some quality time together.
We started off with a bang on Monday afternoon by doing the Moosilauke Hill climb. Dartmouth college has used the hill climb as an endurance test over the years so we decided to get our feet wet and give it a try. Everyone gave a good effort and learned a lot about pacing themselves in a race with no rest. The coaches were happy with the results and are confident that everyone can improve a bunch with more intensity training that will come in the fall.

Here are the times: Doug 42:39, Austin 43:24, Cobby 43:46, Walker 50:35, Rachel 53:58, Izzy 54:21, Heather 56:21, Hallie 57:22, Cambria 57:23, Megan 59:28, Issy P 59:28, Alyssa 68:15.

After the hill run, we hiked to the South Peak and then down the Snapper trail. The braver kids took a very refreshing plunge in the stream and we had a great dinner followed by traditional team games and a discussion of team goals for the year (which include top tens at Olympics, U23's, World Jrs and the Scando Cup). Obviously that includes alums.

Tuesday brought cloudy skies, but the rain held off and we had an excellent roll/run combi workout. The boys and 2 older girls skied the 20 kms up the Kancamagus (the last 6 kms are 10% grade), then ran over to Waterville Valley on the Greely Ponds trail. The younger girls did a 25 km ski to Waterville and then ran to the Kanc (coaches exchanged van keys when the groups crossed on the hike). In the late afternoon we jogged, did some hip mobility and played a game of ultimate frisbee strength ( team that gets scored on does push-ups, sit ups etc). After another great dinner we talked training and more about goals before we headed off to bed.

Today we ended with the classic Franconia Ridge hike (up Falling Waters, across the ridge and down Bridal Path). The weather forecast was dismal, but we only had to deal with a little cloud walking (no rain). It was a very good way to end the camp. We all went together and a couple of the stronger kids carried rocks up.

After a couple of easier days at home, we will get together for 4 workouts this weekend and then have a well deserved easy week.

As always, you can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A little more solid training

We are just finishing a medium easy week in preparation for the "big one" coming up. Thursday we had another good Weston d-pole workout and today we warmed up, did some hip mobility and jumps and then did 4X 7minutes of L3 ski walking up Stratton. Special guest Rosie B is looking tough and our young future stars (pictured below in a tricky pose) made it to the top and were rewarded with a ride down the gondola and power bars.
Everything is good!
On Monday we head to the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge for our 3 day White Mtn. camp. We plan to do the famed Moosilauke hill climb, ski the Kancamagus (followed by a run to Waterville Valley) and hike the Franconia Range. Next weekend we have 4 workouts including jumping in "The race for the cure" on Sunday. Should be fun!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BMD Skate test

This morning we had a good skate workout at BMD. After some technique drills, we skied the hill at threshold and then had our timed test up and over the top of the hill. Everyone set PR's by at least 10 seconds so that was good, but we're not getting too excited because last time we did it the weather was wet.
After the hill test we did some leg speeds and then finished with the warm down.

Today's times:
Patrick 2:43
Bridger 2:44
Fritz 2:47
Skyler 2:49
Austin 2:57
Cobby 3:06
Megan 3:22
Walker 3:26
Izzy 3:31
Karmen 3:34
Rachel 3:42
Issy P 3:46
Cam 3:58
Mae 3:58
Good job everyone!

More Pictures from Little Rock Pond Hike

Here are a few more pictures from our Sunday outing. Photo's from Michael Cobb-Thanks!