Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lawn tag, pick-ups and double dip

This morning we met at BMD for an easy distance skate ski with some pick-ups. The Devo team kids had a spirited game of lawn tag before hitting the road. For some of them, this was the first time on roller skis and lawn tag was a fun way to work on weight shift. The girls did a great job and looked comfortable on the pavement by the end of the workout.

The regulars did an hour of technique drills and easy  skiing  followed by 10 group pick-ups and a warm down. This is an easy week for the team but it is still good to get together to work on things.Everyone took turns leading during the pick-ups. The goal was to gain speed by relaxing and everyone looked good.

Check this one out from the REG camp. I was trying to get a picture of Adele jumping off the top rock on the right. This was a scary jump for her and the team had talked/encouraged her to take the leap. I was a little late and she is just about to enter the water. But...if you look across to the big rock on the other side of the river, you can see Skyler on top and  Graham half way down on his plunge. Click on the picture to see it up close.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

REG Hill Run Test

We ended the REG camp today with a hill run up White Face Mtn. Matt and Janice got up early and set the course planning a test that would take about 15 minutes. The course was tough and gained 730 feet in elevation, but conditions were good and the day was clear and sunny. Obviously Matt underestimated the fitness of the group because the kids flew up the climb. This was our first time on this hill test and we plan to make it an annual event.
Here are the times; 
David S      9:51
Peter H     10:29
Keith K      10:33
Nick M       10:42
Paul S         10:45
Graham E  10:46
Sam T         10:47
Austin C     11:12
Skyler D     11:30
Jackson R   11:53
Hans H        12:05
Rob B          13:00

Adele E      12:46
Isabel C      13:26
Karmen W  13:34
Jane M        13:35
Hilary R      13:48
Keely L       14:06
Gage F        14:40
Kristin H    15:08
Megan K     15:16

Saturday, June 27, 2009

REG Update 6/27

The Eastern REG camp continues to go along very well. Yesterday we jogged into town to do some hip mobility and strength. Pictured here is the group doing "butt kicks", "inch worms" and "backwards lunges". If you look at the sky in the pictures, you can see that we are "about to have some weather". The winds picked up and the rain poured down and the temperatures dropped 25 degrees in five minutes. Luckily we were prepared with two vans on site and we drove back to the OTC to finnish strength in the gym. We followed up the strength with spirited games of basketball and volley ball.
In the evening we reviewed video from our skate intervals and had short presentations on learning from failures, nutrition and goal setting.

This morning we did a 2 hour double pole workout. It was an easy cruise and a great way to work on technique. It had rained last night and there were some showers around, but we were lucky and only had to deal with some damp roads.
This afternoon we have "athletes choice". The coaches will be stationed on a road across the street and the athletes can come to work on whatever they feel they need the most help with.

As always, click on any picture to enlarge it.

Friday, June 26, 2009

REG Report from Megan

Today is the fourth day here in Lake Placid and everything is great! So far the week has been super helpful and challenging but it's awesome being here, changing up the training scene, and getting some great exposure to other skiers and coaches. This morning we did a level 3 skate session with 5-7 x 5 min. intervals. This was a great workout with a high emphasis on V1...and summer weather is DEFINITELY here! We were all dripping sweat to say the least but after our ski we all enjoyed cooling off in a local swimming hole.

Everyone is training really hard, being smart, and trying to live up to the USST motto, "Go Pro". The facilities are awesome (Cobbie and Sky love the cold tubs) and last night we had a crazy night on the town with Pirate-themed mini golf followed by ice cream (haha). I had the pleasure of golfing with Isabel and Hilary, and I think we soon realized that none of us should make a career out of it! On the up side, we didn't hit the ball off the green more than five times, in fact there were at least three hole-in-ones, and Isabel only needed one bathroom break...so over all it was a pretty successful night!

Here are some pictures of the intervals. As I said...lots of V1 practice!

Matt taking a plunge into the swimming hole.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

REG Hike

Today we took a nice hike over "the Brothers" and "Big Slide" and then down the valley and back out. The weather was great, the views were good and the swim at the end was perfect!
Here are a couple of pictures. The first one shows the boys group scaling the rock face on one of the Brothers. The guy in red is Matt. We (the girls and the old man) stayed close enough for Matt to hide in the woods and give us a good scare.

Here are some of the girls hamming it up on top and then a group shot of the females.

Our western readers will laugh at all of the trees, but for us, this was an awesome hike because we had lots of great views. The hike took just over 4 hours for everyone and we all came out unscathed. We certainly missed Poppets map reading skills, but we still managed not to get lost.

Half way down we crossed this fun bouncy bridge. Janice didn't mind the bouncing, but didn't like the side to side stuff. Every good hike ends with a good swimming hole. Here is a picture of Isabel sliding down the chute and into the "hole".
It was a great day and everyone is excited for our skate L3 and strength workouts tomorrow.

Meet the Alums

9 of us met this morning for a d-pole workout, 3x10 minutes level 3, and then 3x7 min single sticking up the beginning of Terrible Mountain. The boys have about reached the bottom of the real nasty steep stuff, I wonder if Sver is going to keep increasing the time, thusly drastically increasing the brutality of each rep, or just increase the number of reps, hmmmm stay tuned.

Maybe that's all of no interest, so I thought we'd add in some background on some of the folks training with us this summer - you know, kind of like Middlebury's meet the new kids thing they do on their blog. So, why not start off with SMS & Middlebury Alum - Cam MacKugler. Here's Cam with his SMS bud Fritz Horst - UVM (also joining us in training this summer.)

Now, rather than have Cam tell us what he's up to this summer, I just thought I'd interview him through a close inspection of the contents of his car. (This is actually quite a revealing way of finding out about a person - I've discovered.) So to start off, you will see this on the side of Cam's driver door:

Cam likes to fish....

Cam is not making lot's of money from his gigs with the Middlebury Technopellas. He also is in need of a pair of summer tires (see those studs?).

Creative tailgate Cam, or is it a giant cat's cradle game?

Definitely Cam's car.

Further inspection reveals that Cam keeps his important stuff in the shiny silver toolbox in the back:

Rollerskis, poles, and on closer inspection.....

His fillet box! I can assume for prepping a post workout snack?

Now here's something that every Vermonter with a truck needs in the back:

Apparently this one was used to win the closest to campus award at Middlebury. A turkey dinner or two was had with this one:

And finally, how many nordic dudes do you know with one of these hanging from their rearview mirror:

Send in your best guess as to what this is... (And no, it's not that ...)

So, thanks for the tour Cam. And seriously, it's great that you and some of the alums are training with us this summer - it's been fun.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

REG D-Pole

This morning we had a good double pole workout at our REG camp. After a technique presentation and a good warm-up, the athletes skied a 1 km uphill double pole test and then followed the test with 3-5 level 4 intervals and then a nice warm down.

For technique we are working on bringing everything up and forward together and then using the core muscles to initiate the poling motion. The picture of Megan below shows good body position for the start of the poling motion.

Here are the results from the d-pole test. I have included ski brands because there were some big differences in ski speeds. There are also 2 different speed wheels on the Swenors, Sam had the slower wheels.
Keith K 3:10 Marwe
Graham E 3:14 Marwe
Skyler D 3:17 Marwe
Nick M 3:17 Pro Tech
Peter H 3:17 Marwe
Jackson R 3:20 V2 930
David S 3:21 V2 920
Austin C 3:27 Marwe
Hans H 3:29 Swenor
Sam T 3:32 Swenor (s)

Adele E 3:41 Ski Skett
Megan K 3:56 Marwe
Isabel C 4:14 Marwe
Hilary R 4:18 Marwe
Kristin H 4:20 Swenor
Jane M 4:32 Swenor
Gage F 4:32 Marwe
Karmen W 4:38 Marwe
Keely L 5:03 V2 920

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

REG Camp

The Eastern Regional Camp started in Lake Placid this afternoon so Sverre, Karmen, Megan, Hilary, Gage, Isabel, Skyler and Austin Cobb headed up for that. Meanwhile Poppet and Matt took the rest of the group on a nice 45 mile bike through the hills of VT. The rain stopped and it was a beautiful day which helped remind us that there is no better place to train that right at home!

Here are a couple of pictures from Lake Placid. We have USST coach (and SMS alum) Matt Whitcomb leading some dry-land technique drills; Skyler and Austin leading a group during the skate workout and then some "cliff divers" cooling off after the ski. It is great to have a USST coach here running the camp. Matt does an excellent job and everyone is happy to be here

Tomorrow we will have a tough double pole workout in the morning and then a run and core strength in the afternoon. We have a good group here with 19 athletes from around the region and it should be a great week.

Click on photos to enlarge

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jumping and Striding

This morning we met up for our weekly jumping and striding workout. This is an easier week, so we kept the workout relatively easy.

We started with a short jog and some hip mobility, then did some jumps to complete our warm up. We did some cross overs, "Alsgards", V1 right and V1 left jumps.

The intervals today were 2 or 3 times 10 minutes of L3 striding. It was great to have Sophie and Patrick (both alums, both all-americans at Dartmouth) with us today.

Technique tip: Notice Patrick's good forward body position as he leads the boys. Both Doug (behind Patrick) and Skyler (blue shorts) are overstriding. They are reaching too far with their foot and leaving their hips behind. We are working on "softening" their ankles so that their hips will roll forward as they bring their foot through. The goal is to get a good step forward, but to have the hips over the lead foot.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just Do It

As always, click on photos to enlarge

It always amuses me when I hear people making excuses for why they can't do things. We are the excuse generation. If you want to be a good skier; stop making excuses and just do it!

This morning it was cool and rainy for our d-pole workout but all of the regulars showed up (except for 2 who were out of town) for an excellent 2 hour workout. These guys aren't making excuses and I expect good things come winter time.

Special thanks to Andy Newell for coming to our workouts this month. He is heading off to Park City and New Zealand before returning in August. Our goal is to have a much easier time keeping up with him when he returns.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hills and pick-ups

This morning we worked on our V1 Technique while doing L3 intervals. We have a great hill going up past the school and we are able to get 3 good 5 minute intervals each time up the hill.
Pictured here is Andy heading up on his fourth interval and then various shots of the group getting in a little easy speed work on our warm down. It was another great day and the group looks good!
If you want to see the pictures better; just click on them!