Thursday, December 3, 2009

Skiing at Foret

We drove up to Stoneham, Quebec yesterday hoping for some skiing. There was only about 1 inch of wet snow when we arrived here and this morning we were greeted with a steady rain. We took a short jog and did a little leg strength, then returned to our houses for some study time.
After an early lunch, we drove up to Foret. Luckily Foret is just far enough north to have recieved some wet snow from this storm. Here are some pictures from our ski. We skied on the river trail, it was a bit scratchy, but not too bad. We were able to ski 4-5 kms down and back and after a nice warm up, we worked on some no pole skiing and balance. It was great to get back on skis for a couple of hours!
The upper trails have more snow and the forecast is calling for colder temperatures, so we should be ok. Any additional snow will make it quite good.
More news tomorrow.

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