Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mte Ste Anne Sprints

We had a sprint practice with Dartmouth today. The course was tight and the competition was good so it was a great practice. We started at 9:45 and whipped through a prelim and multiple heats and were done by 11. Fast and furious action because it was COLD!
Ruff is putting up the results on the Dartmouth Skiing site, but their server is currently down. I just have the prelim results.
The course was good, but it was narrow and soft on the edges so it made passing tough but not impossible.
We had told the SMS kids to try to figure out how to deal with the cold weather and to try to ski fast in the preliminary and then play with strategies in the heats. My guess is that the Dartmouth kids didn't stress the prelims too much and saved their best for the heats (either that or they are just tougher then we are!). In the prelims, Skyler, Bridger, Austin Caldwell and Austin Cobb were 1,4,6,7, but in the finals the Dartmouth boys took 1,2,3 (Patrick, Erik, Nils) with Skyler 4th and Bridger 5th. For girls, the top prelim times were Sophie, Stephanie, Gage, Megan, Rachel, Katie B. and Heather. The final results were Sophie, Katie, Heather, Steph, Rachel.
Bridger with Eric Packer, Skyler and Austin Cobb in hot pursuit.
Katie Bono leads 3 SMS girls in one of the semi's.
Start of boys A final.
Patrick O'B. runs away with the boys A final win.
Girls A final. Sophie cruises to victory. We took some solace in the fact that even though Dartmouth took the wins, both winners were SMS alums :).

We had an awesome classic ski this afternoon. Cold, hard tracks. Good kick and good glide. Tyler and Mac saw two moose (or is it mooses) too!

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