Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Arrival in the West

 Our small SMS group is now fully reunited out in West Yellowstone.  We now firmly include our bags part of our pack since not being with them for 56hours makes us really miss them.  It was one of those travel day(s) that the skiers may have thought was kind of an adventure, delayed, cancelled flights, staying in Chicago over night etc.  For me it was a super pain in the a*#.  I had to find a Chi. hotel,  rebook us new tickets multiple times, our rental van was cancelled etc.  In the end we ate and slept pretty well, so at least we arrived ready to go and were able to borrow stuff to ski the next morning.
This is my go to airport comfort, a combo of mouth and stomach hydrotherapy

Hot tip....I found this place in the DC airport on my way to a Taylor Swift concert.  (Yes I indeed went and it was pretty awesome, Taylor and the Pizza!).  They make really good made to order pizza with healthy ingredients!

literally posted up.....we had a 4 delay, our next flight had a 4 delay....perfect until the flight was cancelled

A familiar siting in West!  We buy all our skis from Caldwell Sport in Putney, VT
Another familiar siting,  Austin Caldwell with the test fleet.  I worked with Zak once at JN's in Tahoe.  I know what Austin is up against, leave no wax, grind, structure unturned=tons of K's=smoked by the end of day

where I sleep, cool little closet den
Where my dog sleeps
Where a wolf sleeps. We are heading into the wolf center later today for Gabe's B-day

OK, this was a great lunch I made, Corn tortillas, fried eggs, kale, cheese, avocado, cilantro, siriracha

Hopefully we get the key to our garage soon, until then Pat set up a nice shop on our covered deck!

A majestic shot of our B-day boy on top of a huge mountain
or maybe a tiny mound in the kids play area

My Friend and fellow Coach, Dan Weiland from Vail out with his little Devo crew

Tip, did you know even if you call and tell the car company your flight is cancelled and you don't pick up your car by midnight, it auto least I was able to rebook us from a different company

Fat bikers cruising town, this sport is real and is coming to a nordic center near you.

Annie P was instructing our junior house in a pretty complex dance routine. Kam was the sleeper he nailed it first try, Gabe not so much.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hello from the Other Siiiiiiide

Hello from the other siiiiiiide (the Chicago O'Hare Airport)

travel day(s) in pictures.

enjoy ;p


Boobs spent 30% of his battery usage on the United app trying to find us some sweet flights. 
It snowed a lot in Chicago. So we took some legendary selfies. 

Our reaction to the cancelled flights. 


Shoes of Washington D.C. airport. (JUST DO IT!)


dancing in the airport because we made it to Chicago. And it was cold. 

The start of the journey. Albany airpot. 

These l.l. bean hoodies are pretty awesome. 

A pano for every time boarding the airplane. 

Can you spot the lurker?? #callofduty
Matching hats!!!!!! s/o to sms t2. 

gabe is a nun at heart. 

 so many panoramas (get hyped)
lol. selfie pano

gabe is hiding. boobar is posing. 

squished faces are really really funny

pano to document getting on the plane!!! if there isn't a pic did it really happen?

lol gabe has like 5 chinz

random people in our panos. 
boobs didn't get enough coffee. 

turns out chicago is a very windy city. get it?? Luckily we have our trusty l.l. bean hoodies. 

This was in the lobby of the holiday in we stayed at last night in Chicago. The group had mixed feelings about the situation.

Kam: enthralled by cartoon network
Gabe: tired but still getting the shot
KO: very asleep

gabe took a pano in the tsa security line. it was pretty bad. But we are happy to be back in the chicago airport and on the way to Salt Lake City!!
xoxo da wolf pack <3 nbsp="" p="">

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sun and Snow

Saturday we were greeted by a beautiful dusting of snow for our run in Peru over Peru Peak and Styles Peak.

Today we had gorgeous blue skies and not a hint of wind.  Kids skate skied and then ran over the Mountain back to School.
Riz & Pip pause along the trail.

The fire tower at the top of Stratton Mountain.

Views to the west and north from the top of the tower.

 Looking east and south.

Riz & Pip got persuaded to climb up the bottom icy steps and go all the way to see the view.

Snow guns were being fired up today.