Friday, March 27, 2015

30/50 Final

 Wow..what a way to end the season...bluebird skies and temps rising to the 50's. Great for spectators, damm tough for the racers...esp. the women who ended having to V2 the downhills when the snow really slowed down.
Above, Paddy and Kris duke it out near the finish of the 50 km race.
 View of the stadium.
 Pre race smiles.
 Guess who has raced and who has not.
 Girls start. This picture is a bit telling..the snow was snow, but a couple of people figured out a pretty good ski, wax structure selection and that made a big difference. caitlin G had good skis and skied very well..she blew away the field, winning by almost 3 minutes. Liz S (in 2nd above) did not have good skiis, but still managed to hammer to a 2nd place finish.
 Jessie picked the wrong skis, but made the most of it and somehow had a smile on her face every time I saw her. Maybe it was because I had the feeds....
 Annie H follows Linda D-M.
 KO skied very well. she latched onto a girl from NM for 3 laps. Our skiis were a bit slower and on the final 5 km lap, KO finally faded, but she still ended 10th on the day.
 Matt W hanging and smiling :).
Mens winner, Ivan Babikov, enjoying hanging out in the sun and cheering the girls after his race.

Big Thanks to SVSEF and all of the sponsors. The week was very well organized and fun. We had way more sickness that we would ever hope for, but the week was still a success.

That's the last race of our season. Pretty cool year!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Adventures Week #1

What a beautiful couple days we've had back at home.  Our skiers from Eastern High School's have taken a couple days off, but our other troops have been out adventuring on the backside of the Mountain.  We are lucky to have access to the Catamount Trail, the Appalachian Trail, the Long Trail and snowmobile trails.  We have so much snow, you don't really need a trail, but it's helpful to ski on one if you have a plan to actually get somewhere.

The Catamount Trail has the best bridges.  I tried to take this pic a little from the side so you can see how much snow is on the bridge - keep in mind that it has been packed down here by snowmobile use.  It's a solid 2-3'.

 Our adventure today took us down the Catamount Trail towards Stratton Pond.  We played around on this beaver pond for a bit.

Once we got to Stratton Pond we tried to find the hiking trail around the pond.  We did find this part of it at the far end.

Far end of Stratton Pond with Stratton Mtn in the background.

The boys found adventures everywhere.  

This was the hiking trail we took from Stratton Pond back up to the snowmobile trails.

Tired pups.  

We're back out tomorrow with another adventure up the backside of the Mountain and down the alpine trails back to school.

Club Championship Relay

 Today was the club relay race at Super Tour finals. It was great to have 36 teams going at it on a spectator friendly loop (each skier lapped through twice).
After a bunch of sunny days and temps in the high 40's, today we had an old fashioned snow storm, with pretty heavy snow during the classic portion and lighter snow for the skate legs.
 During the classic portion, it was not advantageous to lead and there were many lead changes, but for the skate things stretched out more.
Our girls team has been struggling with sickness while the boys have seemed to be ok. Picking the team was an interesting prospect and we had to change the team this morning in order to get 4 skiers who were feeling pretty good.
Annie Hart took it out for our team and after a strong start "blew up worse than I ever have". For someone who blew up at 2.5 km, she did a heck of a job willing herself to the finish only 50 seconds out of the lead. She was in a tough position because she didn't learn that she was going to be on the first team until this morning.
 Annie P has a cold (read her blog) and tried to ignore it (because it's the end of the season). She skied a gutsy race, but felt terrible. She scrambled for our 2nd team and came in right behind Anne H.
 Above, the Annies dig for the finish.
 Andy and Ben were our second leg skiers, they both skied well and brought our teams up to 8th and 10th place.
 Erika looked smooth and fluid, but ran out of gas (she has also been sick :(..). She did hold on to a top ten position for our 2nd team.
 Katharine was put onto our first team and she killed it, moving the team up to 4th place and within striking distance of the leaders.
 Simi battled hard, moved into 3rd and just missed 2nd.
All in all, an exciting day for our skiers and a job well done.
Big congratulations to APU for placing 1,2. They are certainly a big, strong club and their victory was well deserved.
 Andy, KO, Jessie, Annie H and Erika pal it up at the awards ceremony.
 The podium bibs are big enough for two girls :).
Top three teams.
Thanks once again to SVSEF for hosting a great event and doing an excellent job with everything from  parking and equipment moving to course grooming and timing...Everything has been very well organized.
Now..bring back the is spring series after all!

Monday, March 23, 2015

EHS Championship and more from JN's

The season is over here in the east.  The T2 plus KO are still finishing up in Sun Valley.  A few pics from JN's and Eastern High School Champs below:

This is a SMS ski that showed up at JN's.....looks like someone needs to take more time or get an ironing lesson....ooops!

Low snow in Tahoe= a cool afternoon activity for me, a quick mtb ride in the sierra!

Ace is the place....we bought lots of cool supplies here, maybe not the ammo...

Feeling pretty tough with my Hat and deadly cobra van chains, luckily we got by without needing the chains.

Podium Flowers, always a sweet addition to the wax room1

Blurry, but the sweet views driving up Donnor pass.  The Donnor party would have really benefited from winter like this one....

race tracks at Auburn ski club, 7200feet high on top of Donnor Pass

Dueling ipads permanently mounted to the table at an airport restaurant,  Kate Barton and I did not want to talk anyway.... 

Does this apply to burning stuff in the toaster??

I could not tell if this was a promo thing or Ben or Eli ready for Prom

Chase was the head Girls coach at EHS.  All 24 following his lead on the course preview.

NE team in Truckee!

Rizz at EHS with really nice technique, no "STAND UP" cheer needed.

Boys EHS relay mass start.  Kam (6th here) was on the 3rd team but tagged off first by double poling on skate skis!  Koby (3rd here)

Julia (SMS PG next year, Rizz and Olivia Cuneo GMVS top three on the poduim!  Rizz got silver medals over the weekend.

Where was this bro when I need to clear an ice jam off my roof!

Rizz and Mae out of the start coming under the bridge at EHS, Rumford, ME.

Rizz and grandma!  Lot's of Rizz pics since Aunt Kimmie took the photos.

Team VT! with the overall win at EHS

15 SMS skiers and 2 coaches at the final race of the season EHS champs in Rumford, ME. (Russell is missing, but least his boots weren't)