Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rolling Into Summer

 We have been blessed with some great June weather for our training group. Three afternoons a week we get together to work on technique and skills. We use this 40 minutes as a warm up for strength.
 During these afternoon workouts, our senior skiers lead the drills and technique session. It is a great way for our group to hear from someone new and also a good way to get the senior skiers thinking about technique and how to explain certain concepts.
 Erika and Andy led the Saturday afternoon workout and we worked on d-pole technique.
 We then did a couple of striding progressions before hitting the weight room.
 This morning we went to Ball Mtn. Dam for a specifiec strength workout.
Above, Kam is putting his training time to good use by following Andy, Ben and Simi almost every day.
 Liz S is here for the week and Jessie returns from Norway tomorrow :).
  Julia K is back from a camp at PC and it looks as if she and Lauren are catching up on things.
Anything to keep things fun.
 More ss with Simi pulling Ben.
Eli leads the group up the hill.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

More Fun And games

 We are so happy to be i the middle of an awesome stretch of weather. June is a good base building month but we also work on strength and skills. This afternoon we were lead in foot agilty by Jessie and Sophie...pretty cool to have 2 world cup winners coaching you through balance and agility drills :).

After the "warm up" everyone went to the gym for a strength workout. Another great day in the books.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Obstacle Course Strength

 Three times a week our senior team leads us in skills and agility as a warm up for their strength. Yesterday it was a foot workout so after a jog, some light jumps and stretching, they headed into the woods for some obstacle course fun (we have a fun course on the trail below school).

 Then it was back to the field for our version of fun strength. Our goal is to combine balance and coordination with strength and this is a good way to do it :).

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Windy D-Pole Test

 We had a beautiful morning for our d-pole test, but the cool dry breeze created quite a headwind so there were not many PR's.
 However, spirits and energy were high and we had a very good workout with some technique work, the test and some more specific strength.
This picture was post test, but it shows part of the the nice rolling uphill.

Here are the times for the day:
Ben Saxton 3:29
Kam  3:46
Ben O  4:01
Adam 4:04
Gabe  4:04
Sophie  4:14
Russell  4:15
KO  4:20
Ann H  4:22
Will K  4:23
Erika  4:35
Danya  4:55
Noah  4:56
Anna 4:57
Mae  5:15
Charlotte  5:22
Mackenzie 5:30
Lillian  5:31
Asa  5:35
Lauren  5:50

Good job by all.