Sunday, August 21, 2016

SMS Elite Team Clinic Pics

 We had a small, but spirited group show up for our clinic this afternoon.
After a warm up jog andstretch, everyone headed down to the obstacle course for some fun around the loop.
 Summer climbs the wall.
 The flat tire section.

 Wyatt scales the climbing wall.
 Jessie leads the boys on the balance walk.
 Jed shows off his Tarzan moves.
 The wire wall.

 Chip launches..
..and Summer attacks.. (how many times will you have 2 different Summers on a summer day?).
The uphill tire run is tough.
After the obstacle course, it was time for some bounding, then back to the field for some agility.
 Andy demonstrates how to jump and land lightly.
 Abby and Fin nailed it.
Ladders and hurdles were on the course and by the time everyone had run through a couple of times, it was a welcome relief to head inside for some World Cuo video and a Question and Answer time with the team.

Thanks to our Elite team for putting on the clininc and to everyone for coming.

The team is off to New Zealand next week.

Our next clinic will be in Hanover on September 25th.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bounding, Skating and Strength

 We had a good group head out for our continuous run/bound workout this morning. During the early summer we tend to do ski walking L3 intervals on the mountain. The goal is to build a strong aerobic base. I like to think of L3 as the bottom of your race pace. The higher you can bring the base, the better.   In the fall, we start moving towards continuous run/bound workouts. These are done on a 1.5 km loop below school. The goal is to run the downs and flats and bound the hills. It is alot more like skiing because there are ups and downs and lots of terrain changes. Today we started with L1, then progressed to L2, L3 and L4. Everyone did 3-6 laps of harder (L3/L4) effort after they had warmed up well. By late fall, this workout will be more L4, but we still have time to get there.
 The team from Mte Ste Anne is still here and they helped form some great groups with our skiers.
 Ben O.
 KO and some Canucks.
 Charging it.
The workout went well and with the early start, everyone was able to relax for 6 hours before we got togetrher for skate agilty and strength.

 The obstacle course that Jessie and Sophie set up included jumps, ducks...
 ..and starts.

After the ski, we went back to school for some balance and strength.
That's it for now :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Agility and Strength

 Having International guests has added some extra excitment to our summer training group for the past 2 weeks. This afternoon Simi and Erika led our agility group of 42 before we split up for strength.
 Warm up jog.
 Dynamic stretching...
 Our own Olympic medley course....

 ..then strength.
Followed by fun and games in the AAB for our locals.

Specific Strength

 August is turning into visitor month. The Swedes left last week and now we have Hannah H plus 16 Canadiens from the Mte Ste Anne training center here training with us for a week.
With a big group, we headed to BMD to take advantage of a road w/o any traffic.
 Everyone did the same workout so the logistics were easy. It is fun having visitors here. The athletes all work together and the coaches get to exchange ideas.
 The warm up included some no pole and 1 pole skating....
 ..then it was time for the specific strength part...single pole, d-pole pulling someone and no pole skate pulling someone.

By the time everyone had done 3 of each ss exercise, we had a bunch of tired skiers.
Good job by all. After a warm down it was off to recover before our afternoon agility.