Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Katharine and Kamran Set New Course Records at BBA Race

 We had another beautiful day for our race at BBA this afternoon.
 The boys started things off with some fast running on the rolling course. Kam took the W and set a new course record. Will and Russell went 5,8 and Evan S came in 50th.
 The girls continued their strong team effort with KO, Anna, Vicky, Charlotte and Olivia all in the top 8 and Alex and Sophie not far behind in 13th and 14th.
Katharine broke her own course record by a whopping 44 seconds!
While we had a good group racing, Chase took Julia B, Conor, Ben and Eli roller skiing and Matt supervised Lauren and Gabe in their bounding workout. It was a good day for all :).
Katharine at the finish.
Gabe has a proven motor and tends to "run" Today we worked on letting leg relax out the back more like a classic stride

Lauren has been training well with the cracked wrist, both poles should be in action really soon!

This wall was the end of the 4 min L4 bound.  Gabe got just over the top and Lauren got about 2/3 up.

Sums up a short but tough workout! Both of them made it the furthest on the last one!  Then the bonus was playing in the Student Staff Soccer game afterwards.  Turns out these Nordies are quite the ballers, easily out performing Chase and myself.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Montage

The leaves are really starting to come out here:

Gypsy is here visiting for the week!!

Although, Chase is offering to serve her up to the boys for dinner  - rotisserie style.

Karate chops are great for hip mobility.  I'm not sure if Gabe actually landed this one.
Don't worry Lauren - I doubt your doc checks our blog to make sure you aren't doing anything you're not supposed to with your wrist (like Australian pushups).

Kam and Will K.  Working the arms.

'N Sync.

We had a visit from the media this afternoon.  Matt handled it like a pro.
Of course, Chase wanted a chance to sit at the "Big Desk" too - while Sverre was out.....

So then, I needed to try it.  And Gypsy wanted to be in the photo too.

Finally Sid jumped in and said - hey - now this is Sverre's desk.  Leave it alone.  I'm guarding it until he's back!  Grrrrrr....

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Woods Trail Run Twenty Fifteen

Quite the day for racing, nice temps, fast race track, 1200 runners.  Chase, Poppet and I made the trip and Sverre stayed back to train with T2, PG's, injured (non runners) and the Seniors Taking SAT's that could not make it up.  So it was a busy day for SMS Nordic with the whole team getting in a variety of tough workouts!

full results here

Eli and Zander in the Cat 4. They were together at 3.5k (5K race) then Zander picked it up for 11th, Eli held on for a front of the pack finish 34th out of 170!

Girls Cat 3, Vicky in Green

We talked about taking it out a bit easy and using heart rate to help pace.  I think Vicky is trying to show us her HR here...

The pacing worked awesome, Vicky closed hard and almost got 2nd!  The fast downhill finish proved tough against the true runners and Vicky ended 4th mere seconds behind a couple other girls.

Charlotte was on working starting faster, right here she is top 20 out of 99 Cat 2 girls

Charlotte staying up front in he field and was in the top 10 pack most of the race finishing 11th

Will "The Thrill" on good form all week, 2nd in the Cat 2 race!

pig pile, in tent city teams literally pile it in.

Adam, Russell and the rest of the boys take it hard...maybe a fraction too hard.  They ran in the top 10 for  half the race and then finished a very respectable 17th and 21st.

Ben ate it on the first downhill, got minorly trampled but used the huge climbs to get back into 9th, Russell coming in right behind him in this photo.

Syd came up to watch, cheer and help out, Turns out he was basically useless.  He thought every 5'5" Blonde pony tail that ran by was his mom and tried to run with them.

Ana stepped it up and raced the Cat 1 with Seniors Katharine and Alex.  She finished 49th out of 130! Very good for a 9th grader!

The cat 2 boys had a great day, a lot better day than the tent....looks like the tent's off season season took its toll on the bolt count.  William is missing, out looking for his 2nd place ribbon.  I think that they are discussing Five Guys ordering strategies.

Cobb finishing the CAT 1 race, pulling the Dirty Double or maybe the terrible triple.  SAT's and the race in the same day, plus the 4th intensity of the week!  All quite painful for different reasons.
  I missed KO but she also pulled the Dirty Double, and got 6th right behind her VT rival from CVU.  This thing was in the coaches free food room/Thetford Academy Classroom Lab..  I don't think SMS has one but we should look into it

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Boys Will Be Boys

 We got a bunch of rain last night and today.....

....and we embraced it!