Thursday, July 21, 2016

Specific Strength At BMD

Lots of no pole skating, single stick and d-pole this am  with and w/o bands. Suffice it to say that after 2 hours, everyone felt "worked".

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

DP test vid 7/19/16

It's a bit dark in the tree shadows but have a look...

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

D-Pole Test

 We had a beautiful criso morning and a good crew for our d-pole test today. Afetr some technique workout and a good warm up, everyone attacked the 1.5 km uphill rolling course. Since there was a headwind, there were now many PR's, but the overall energy was good.
Skier of the day goes to Erika Flowers. She did set a PR in slow conditions. Great improvement there!
Think they called each other last night about the proper clothing?

Here are the results:
Ben S  3:33
Kam  3:50
Adam  3:52
Ben O  4:06
Gabe  4:11
Russell 4:13
Katharine  4:17
Annie H  4:17
Erika  4:20
Liam  4:21
Will K  4:30
JK  4:33
Eli  4:42
Lauren  4:44
Abby  4:49
Alex  4:56
Anna  4:56
Mae  5:00
JB  5:03
Lizzie  5:04
Riz  5:10
Charlotte  5:18
Lillian  5:19
Asa  5:25
KC  5:30
Mehanna  6:22

We'll be back at it with a run, foot agility and strength this afternoon.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mini Camp Day 3

We finished up our 3 day mini camp with another long hard workouty today. After a 10 km classic warm up, everyone did a pursuit (7 km classic followed by a 10 km uphill skate). Then they hiked over the mtn for a warm down (1.5 hr warm-down).
 1/2 of our senior team is in Alaska at a USST, but the others skied along and cheered the juniors.
 Katharine and the boys take off from Wardsboro.
 Riz and Tegan work together in the skate.
 Conor enjoys the fresh pavement.
 Alex hammers hard.
 Ben sets hois sights on KO and Abby....
 ...and gets a feed from Poppet.
 Katharine hits the last (3km) hill.
 Abby pushed it hard and did well.
 Anna in chase mode.
 Happy coaches.
End of the pursuit, time to change into running shoes and summit Stratton for the 3rd time in three days.

Congratulations to everyone and to Russell and Katharine for once again posting the fastest times of the day.

Sometimes we are asked "why do 11 hours of training with 3 hours of hard effort in a three day period?". Trust me, we don't do this often. Sometimes we like to push the envelope to expand "the box". We used to do a 100 km ski for the same reason. Every once in awhile it is good to do something tough. Hopefully doing a camp like this will make 5 and 10 km races seem pretty easy.