Sunday, July 24, 2016

Race For The Cure

 this weekend wound up our big mid summer training block and 7 hearty souls went down to Manchester to participate in the VT/NH Race For The Cure. This year they offered a 5 km and a 10 km. Both loops were pretty flat, but the sun was beating down and it was warm.
Above, Russell floats around the course to win the 10 km.
 Erika and Ko ran together and placed 1,2 in the womens 10 km.
 Alex was 4th girl in the 10 km and 7th overall.
 Gabe ran the 5 km and ...see below...was glad that he didn't do the 10. He ran well and placed 2nd overall.

 Abby hammering home in the 10 km (3rd female).
 Happy girls.
Good cause.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Specific Strength At BMD

Lots of no pole skating, single stick and d-pole this am  with and w/o bands. Suffice it to say that after 2 hours, everyone felt "worked".

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

DP test vid 7/19/16

It's a bit dark in the tree shadows but have a look...

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

D-Pole Test

 We had a beautiful criso morning and a good crew for our d-pole test today. Afetr some technique workout and a good warm up, everyone attacked the 1.5 km uphill rolling course. Since there was a headwind, there were now many PR's, but the overall energy was good.
Skier of the day goes to Erika Flowers. She did set a PR in slow conditions. Great improvement there!
Think they called each other last night about the proper clothing?

Here are the results:
Ben S  3:33
Kam  3:50
Adam  3:52
Ben O  4:06
Gabe  4:11
Russell 4:13
Katharine  4:17
Annie H  4:17
Erika  4:20
Liam  4:21
Will K  4:30
JK  4:33
Eli  4:42
Lauren  4:44
Abby  4:49
Alex  4:56
Anna  4:56
Mae  5:00
JB  5:03
Lizzie  5:04
Riz  5:10
Charlotte  5:18
Lillian  5:19
Asa  5:25
KC  5:30
Mehanna  6:22

We'll be back at it with a run, foot agility and strength this afternoon.