Friday, October 17, 2014

Greenwich Invitational

The picture above is the sunset last night as the rain cleared out.
Today we worked on skate speed this morning and then traveled to Saratoga for the Greenwich Invitational. The races were held at the Saratoga Spa and with good weather, it was a great setting for the 700 runners.
Our racing started with Anna L in the Jr High race. Anna started around 15th place (above), but came home in 3rd.
While the Jr High girls were racing, Sam T (Freestyle coach and coach of our non nordie runners) took the girls out for course inspection. Sam grew up in the area and ran x-c so he knew the course well.
Anna charges home.
Our boys were next out in a large and strong field.
It was pretty cool charging past the historic buildings.

Adam and Russell led the boys with Kamran, Ben and Neil close behind. The boys placed 7th in the team standings.
The girls start (above) didn't have too much yellow up front....
But KO came in ahead and alone. With 5 girls in the top 25, we placed a close second in the team standings.
Pip has been getting faster each race.
Ryosuke and Gavin (our two alpine boys) ran well but were shocked by the numbers of good runners.
After the race, we all went out to dinner before heading home. Good job by all!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rolling and Running TT

 The beautiful weather this fall has helped make it easier to stay on our training plan and keep healthy.
 After doing a double workout on Monday (no classes), everyone got in a solid skate distance ski yesterday. The older girls skied 25 kms of hills around Stratton working on their endurance and technique. We split the team into 3 groups for most of the longer skis to keep our numbers low on the roads.
 Pip and Alex.
 Ana and Vikky.
 Sophie, Alex and Pip.
 This morning we worked on striding technique and speed during our morning training block (11-12). We did numerous drills and followed them up with some d-pole and striding speeds.
Koby and Max.

 da girls...
This afternoon we ran our 2 mile uphill test and followed it up with a tough strength workout. Even though the team is the middle of a volume block, they ran well with lots of PR's.
Here are the times with stars for the PR's:
Russell  13:20 (15 sec off PR)
Ben 13:23 *
Katharine 13:34 (2 sec off)
Koby  13:40 (7 sec off)
Neil 13:47 *
Kamran 13:59 *
Will 14:00 *(by 36 sec)
Eli  14:15 * (1:34)
Lafe 15:06 (49 off)
Mackenzie 15:13 *(36)
Anna L 15:21 * (22)
Tegan 15:35 (36 off)
Alex  15:51 (10 off)
Pippin 16:25 * (by 42)
Ana  17:05 * (54)
Lillian 17:39 * (5:08)
Mehana 18:20 * (1:52)
Sophie 19:38 * (shin splints)

Runners of the day are Lillian, Eli and Mehana who all set PR's by over a minute!

SMS T2 Recieves Challenge Grant

A generous donor has offered to match all donations up to $25,000 to the SMS T2 team. All donations made to the team by November 15th, 2014 will be matched.

The SMS T2 team has a simple but strong mission: prepare our athletes for international success and inspire the skiing community by giving back. Entering our third season, it is clear that the program is achieving our goals. Four of our eight athletes scored World Cup top 10’s and competed in the Olympics, three others qualified for the U23 World Championships and the eighth won a Europa Cup race. The team is involved in numerous outreach programs throughout the US, giving clinics, visiting schools, coaching at camps and helping with Fast and Female and Girls on the Run.

Our title sponsors, SMS and the T2 Foundation,  provide a home base, facilities, vans, meals and some money for the athletes’ travel expenses. In addition, the athletes have a ski-a-thon fundraiser to help cover their race and travel expenses.

We need to raise an additional $60,000 per year to cover the coach’s salary, housing, waxing and supplies. If we raise $25,000 and get the match, we will be able to continue to offer the program for another year.

This is an exciting time for cross-country skiing in the US. Think of how good it will feel to know that you are helping not only our program, but also all of US skiing, with a donation to the team!

Please click here to make a tax-deductible donation online or send a check made out to Elite Nordic Fund to:

Elite Nordic Fund
c/o Sverre Caldwell
PO Box 128
Peru, VT 05152

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stealing Away to Ascutney: Three's a Crowd

During Parents Weekend, the coaches were tied up enough that the whole crew took Saturday and went on a long 'on your own' hike up Stratton Mountain. Some of our more adventurous girls took off bright and early in hopes of catching a sunrise, and took to the woods in an adventure! Though they may have missed the bulk of the rise, the team-bonding factor was a huge win.

Instead of this hike, two boys opted to wait until Sunday and hit up Ascutney Mountain for a little mountain bike adventure. Many thanks for these two for letting me drag along! Anyhow, here are some picture highlights.

Will I Am is quite the mechanic. This proved handy all day. 

Will I Am is also a nasty biker...! Here he is, cutting through the woods. 

Rustic leaves matched his orange helmut very nicely. 

Blurrrrred speed. 

Best friends!

I once heard that ferns are a sign of good mountain bike trails. I'm not even kidding, I've been told this. 

Leanin' into it. 

Two roads diverge in the leafy wood... and we certainly didn't go down the double black diamond with the word "boulder" in it. 

This is actually a steep drop off. 

Uh oh. WILLIAM to the rescue!

Yum. Reeces + cup cake. 

Until next time!