Monday, June 29, 2015

RAS Gravel Grinder bike ride.

SMS alum alpine coach Jack Bailey and current SMS teacher, Mary Beth Bailey hosted a great event last Saturday, right here in Peru, VT.  It was a benefit "gravel grinder" bike ride for their son Shane and his condition.  We biked up, over and around some serious back roads, dirt roads and even the sections of the catamount ski trail for 40miles.  Here is a bit of info about it.

The crew getting instructions from Jack

Locals Mike and John...."are you serious we climb Johnson Hill at the end!!??"  22% dirt for about a K.
Off like a herd of turtles

Looks like SMS alum and Dad Barney Hodges, Kate Boobar and Josh and Jamie Wiley coming around the corner.

This fearsome foursome did the 30miler, pretty huge effort for Charlotte, Sophie, Sadie and Jon Mowery acted as the HOG "hand of god" helping with a little push on some of the ridicous climbs!

Alright I made it on the Blog!

Mehana, Neil and Will

Tegan launched a vicious attack on the first catamount trail section, She later realized 10psi is a little low for the tires.  She stopped later and got some pressure.

here they come

Post ride at the Hapgood store, pizza, salad and of course my favorite recovery drink, a coke!

Jack and Shane post ride.

Cameron Chalmers (SMS Dad), Tiffany Teaford (SMS devo mom, she works at Orvis and got some cool dog beds for the Raffle!)  and Mike Gayda local endurance specialist.  Mike did it on is fat bike. 

Tegan wrapping it up!

Will Koch  

Neil bee-lining for the Hapgood Pizza

Barney at the end of the day.

Neil and Mehana scored in the Raffle

Cycling and ski legend John Funk took a selfie mid ride

nice roads

Good times at the Hapgood store post ride.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

First skate agility of the summer

In the AM we did our continuos L3 ski bound/stride around our campus trails loop.  Lap times ranged from 7:30-11minutes depending on age/ability etc.  The idea was 30-40min "on" time.  Use the poles on all the ups and keeping running steady everywhere else.  To really nail it we look for lap times to drop a bit or stay within about 20s.  Some of the younger skiers slowed 1 minute or so but they are still figuring out pacing such a long workout.

Group warm up led by Simi

get your lunge on Gunnar

Liza, Sadie (1st time ever on roller skis for sadie !!!) and Sophie

Chip doing some jumping jacks

Sage working some skate technique with Pippin

Ben Saxton got pretty good at the 180 jump

Andy shows us how it is supposed to be done at full speed

Simi set up a cool circuit with sprints starts, 2V2 drill, 180 jump into backwards skate and a slalom

at the end we did some strength pulling and relays

Neil going mono pole

Saturday, June 20, 2015

uphill run test 6/20 plus more from Burke

We did the uphill run test and a little strength today.  We had some PR's especially by the T2 women and we moved some people onto the overall top 3 leader board.  Ana Lehman jumped up onto the high school leader board as well.  Eli has been injured and currently has a lock down the uphill bike test.  He PR'ed that by another 20-30s seconds today!

MBen Saxton6:3412:366/20/2015
MBen Ogden6:5213:026/20/2025
FSophie Caldwell7:0413:136/20/2035
FAnnie Hart *48s pr7:0413:196/20/2045
FJessie Diggins *52s pr7:1513:296/20/2055
FAnnie Pokorny *15s pr7:1313:396/20/2065
MNeil Thorley7:1513:576/20/2075
FErica Flowers7:2914:026/20/2085
FAnna Lehman *23s pr7:5614:516/20/2095
FTegan Thorley8:2015:516/20/2105
FMae Chalmers *14s pr16:126/20/2115
FPippin Evarts16:276/20/2125
FMackenzie Rizzio16:496/20/2135
FMehana Koch18:386/20/2145

* scored a P.R. and by how many seconds.
Link to All results
The crew with some last second warm ups

I was running the test solo, so only two pics, but you get the idea. They run hard up a hill for 2 miles, so hard they may even throw up....Ask Sophie how hard she went.

Team field strength

Elevated partner push ups

2 for 1 deal...planks and dips at the same time

Vitamin D therapy after a day of rain up at Burke.

Vitamin C and F therapy after 6+hrs of mtb trail riding!  C=calories, F= fat, sure plenty of carbs and protein in there too.

Eli airtime Eppolito

The boys loved the little pump track and whoops trail

The northeast kingdom in its finest

Kate had Tegan and Mae below scout this cool bridge section on the pines trail.  After checking out the lines they both ripped through it.

I wonder if these guys end up at 5 guys at least two in the pic did

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

KT Update

KT?  For those bikers in the know that is Kingdom Trails, the sweet network up in East Burke, VT.
We headed up for couple days of riding, a great way to keep building the base fitness for winter while working on a different athletic skill set.  We got in two rides the first day, both in the rain, both were super fun.
Mehana before the rain...

Mae loves these trails so much she a family pass!

Coach Kate on the fun flowy Troll Stroll descent

Ben decided it would be fun to ride in a sandpit during the rain....His brakes no longer function

Russell's bike and legs

Basically we rented a cheap version of a Vermont Country Store, the girls with a string of fake apples...

lot's of great natural light, NOT but the kitchen was huge and worked perfect for cooking a big meal

getting ready for ride two!

Alex is doing some technical work on her bars

Farm Junk trail, literally goes past piles of junk they found in the woods

wash down post ride

heading out up our driveway

alex and mehana

Adam and Russell with a quick bike switch

leg recovery

Ben figuring out his brakes

skid marks.......

The sun finally came out when we got back from the evening ride