Friday, September 19, 2014

Busy, busy...

 Perfect fall training weather and busy days have been the theme this week.
Above, Andy and Ben hammer out some d-pole intervals testerday morning...
 ..while the T2 girls work onL3 striding...
 Meanwhile the SMS kids get in a giid 1.5-2 hr skate cruise of 20-35 kms.

 This morning we worked on classic technique, specific strength and speed.

 It was a good wake up call for our afternoon running race.

 We went back to Bellows Falls for our 2nd race there in 10 days. Everyone was a bit tired from the big week of training, but the weather was perfect and we were excitied to look for personal improvement(s).
 Some of the girls doning there plaid in memory of Meghan Ives.
 The boys hammer out of the start.
 Koby, Russell and Ben, our 3,4,5 runners each set PR's for the course. Actually...almost everyone had significant PR's today..pretty cool to see them be able to do that in the middle of a big training week.

 Our girls team is awesome...with all of the nordies plus 3 pineys, a snowboarder and a freestyle skier, it is a big and fast group :)
 The girls start.
 Ana and Pip at 1.5 km.
 Katharine with a sizable lead at 3.5 km..
Zoe, Emily F and Christina.
Both of our teams won the team events with a combination of speed and depth; but the best part was that almost everyone set 5 km PR's.
Thanks to Bellows Falls for running another great race and congratulations to everyone.

DP Tech Vid

Another Tech Vid

BMD DP Tech (1280 x 720) from matt boobar on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Catching Up

 We are having some awesome fall weather.
 Everyone got through the first week and hopefully is ready to settle into the swing of things. Our schedule is really busy and it is critcal that the kids stay on top of things w/o stressing out.
Monday we have classes from 8:15-11, training from 11-12, lunch until 12:45, classes until 3:30, training until 6, dinner, then time for homework 7-finish time.
In the morning we did some running drills and leg speeds, working on efficiency.

 Vikky and Pip finish up their last leg speed.
 In the afternoon we worked on upper body specific strength, 1-2 hrs of d-pole and s-pole...endurance strength.
 We returned just in time for dinner.. good full day for everyone.
 Tuesday everyone has classes until 2:30, then we have a longer training block. Most of our x-c running races are on Tuesday so it works out well (we do not have to miss any classes).

Yesterday we raced in Bennington on a tough course.
Our team is not known for starting fast. Here is the start of the boys race (35 seconds in..and up a good hill). Our top boy is sitting in 14th.
 Adam charges one of the hills. He finished an impressive 5th place.
 Neil dukes it out with a runner from BBA.
 Will had a great race, finishing 7th.
 Koby, Ben and Neil rounded out our 5 scorers and placed 11,12,13. Since no other team had more than 3 in the top 14, we brought home the team victory.
 Lafe charges the course.
 The girls start with the Bennington Monument in the background. We wear the bright yellow shirts; they are easy to see and double up as great roller ski shirts.
This year we have 4 alpine, 1 snowboard and 1 freestyle girl joining us for most races. It is great having them with us and it makes our team look reasonably big :). Today was their first race and they picked a tough one. We have promised them that the next race will be easier.
 Katharine follows MAU runner Erica Hale down the first hill.
 Zoe and Emily F are all smiles early on.

 Half way through the race, Katharine has taken off and Mae , Tegan and Alex are chasing down Erica.
 Ana W zips through the woody section.
 Emily M showing great effort!
Our girls all ran well and we won the team score handily after sweeping the top 4 spots.
 Boys will be boys...having fun after the race while waiting for the results.
Thanks to MAU for hosting a great race!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Skate Vid

Professor Marston and Vid Production class presents: Skate Tech

BMD Skating Technique (9/10/14) from matt boobar on Vimeo.