Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dash for Cash

One of the great aspects of having a larger team is the opportunity to have great time trials - lots of competition.  Put the old math wiz (Sver) to work calculating 6k times for everyone based on this year's results, reverse start them based on time back, and, well, you get it - first one in wins.  Add to the fact that everyone racing adds $5 for race entry which gets turned into prize money for the top 3, and you get some serious competition....

Dash for Cash

Later in the day we hammered out some strength.  Everyone had their own way of warming up....

Here's Ben with his own warm up exercise:

4" "Blizzard" leaves great skiing

Even though we didn't get the 10-18" snow that was forecast for us, we got enough to make our skiing perfect for hard wax.
 This is our one week without races so our plan is to get in a good volume week with some speed, a time trial and some solid strength.
 Everyone is doing well and enjoying walking out of our wax room, across the road and onto our trails.
 These pictures are from yesterday; today we had a Stratton Series TT and a good strength session.
 Ana W.
 Tegan, Lillian and Anna L. check out Lillians great striding technique :).
Ben, Will, Neil and Conor.
Eli looking good.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Asia here we go

Every great ski trip starts at Clark's IGA in Londonderry, VT right?  Just most of them don't end up 7,000 miles away in west Asia.

I like to get fun ideas of things to do when I travel.  Take this poster for example.  Next time I am DC I can take a family bike ride and save space by not bringing helmets....

Opps I guess the Barista did not see my wedding ring....

Wait a minute here this is completely untrue.  A morning without coffee is a foggy irritable headache filled disaster...Sleeping is actually quite pleasant

My google translate said "tinkle lotsa", or maybe that was after you use this thing.

Our towering 26 story home for the next 12 days! Hotel Kazakstan! This baby was built in 1970, so it is even older than me!   
Our team ready to hit the trails.  Those are our attaché's or "handlers"  in the middle They help us with everything, speak excellent English and are generally awesome.
Arriving at the venue, those "boxes" are the Nordic Combined tech cabins.

The jump towers above the XC stadium.

The venue is quite good as Almaty is bidding on the 2222 winter games, but still some final touches going on.

Just like home in VT up at Craftsbury.  Blow piles, move them out on the loop. Not a lot of snow out today there but they moving it 24 hours a day.

Team Norway running some tests with their 15 pair of glide test skis

View from the course down to the jump pit and city beyond.  About 1.2 people million live here.

Dining is upstairs in a mezzanine above the lobby. A nice buffet, perfect for fueling athletes.  Sure there are some horse meat meat balls, but last I checked horses were wicked fast...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Putney BKL Race

We had a busy weekend with racers in the World Cup in Russia, the UVM Carnival, the Lake Placid Qualifier and finally at the Putney BKL race.
Good results from everywhere...but here are some pictures from the BKL race. Putney did a great job of putting together a challenging loop in the woods (thank goodness because it was windy). The conditions were excellent and everyone was hammering away!
Above, Fin Bailey hammers out of the start.
Wyatt looking fast!
Luke R is a study in concentration.
Ada shows great effort.
Cele gets after it.
Summer getting good glide!
Will is all smiles.
Anna likes to hammer and it usually works out pretty well :).
Aggie came down from Dublin.
Asa charges the hill.
Charlotte seems unfazed about her missed start.

Gunnar gets after it.

Holt sporting his designer pants :).

Everyone I talked to said the race was really tough...but good