Thursday, May 21, 2015

First Roller Ski

 We did our first roller ski of the year yesterday. We roller ski quite a bit during the summer and fall so we hold off until mid May so that it will be fresh and fun.
 Our first ski is usually pretty short...we use the day to check equipment, put on roller ski tips and review technique.
 Most of the workout was spent on technique drills with reminders of why we do certain drills.
 Most inportant things are good forward body position, complete weight shift and a quick kick.
It was nice to see that everyone remembered how to use the roller skis :).

Friday, May 15, 2015

SMS Summer Camps Will Once Again Feature SMS T2 Skiers

We are very happy to announce that our SMS T2 team will be here to help with our summer dryland camps during the first week in August. Our BKL camp for skiers who will be entering 5-8th grades will be August 2-5. Our Junior camp for high school age skiers will be August 5-8.

The two camps have always been a great way to get together with other avid skiers at the end of the summer. Being able to get coached by and train alongside our T2 team makes the camps extra exciting.

Imagine training alongside some of the top skiers in the World! We will have 6 of our 8 USST members here, 4 of whom have podiumed in World Cup races!
Last summer we were able to watch a sprint workout with the SMS T2 team and the Canadian National team.

Click on the link to the right for more information :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring Fun

 We use the spring to start building an aerobic base and to work on general strength.
We have also been doing some hiking, skiing and yoga.
A new thing that we are trying is controling our minds. Above the girls work on the first step of mind control.
Neil has mastered step 3 and can levitate for several seconds.
Step 5 is water walking and plyos.

While learning to control the mind is important, there is nothing like running for pure base fitness work.
Running on air :)

More water fun.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Uphill Run Test

 This morning we had the team do one of our standard tests, the 2 mile uphill run. We were not expecting very fast times because we have not done any running intensity, they have had a very busy week and it was quite hot (78). We were expecting good efforts and times to give us starting points for the dryland season.
The test went well with lots of hard breathing and good efforts. The nice thing about doing the test now, is that it will get faster for everyone as we run more and start building in some foot intensity.
Here are the times for today:
Ben O  13:29
Kamran  13:33
Russell  13:47
Koby  14:11
Neil  14:11
Katharine 14:36
Adam 15:15
Lafe  15:50
Ana L 15:58
Finn M  16:41
Alex  17:08
Sophie H  17:42
Ana W  17:50
Pippin  18:21
Lillian  18:21
Mehana  20:16
Vikky  DNF