Monday, May 30, 2016

Skate tech V2 vid

We split into 4 coaches technique stations the other day. One was V2, where we worked on using the legs more, full extension etc.  We did a few "secret" progressions then built into a L3 pick up for the video pass.

Are you getting your CG over the gliding ski? Riding and glide high, forward hips? Compressing, core, legs, poles together? A quick, snappy, full extension leg push?

(FYI two seniors(itisors) forgot their skate skis.... but they look pretty darn good striding!)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

88 degrees, 7 Flats and 4000 Miles Biked

 This morning we did our annual spring 100 mile ride. With the forecast calling for a HHH day, we started earlier, with groups going out at 6:45, 7:30 and 8 am.
 With a large group, we opted to break into four groups. This kept us from dominating the roads and allowed the slower bikers to start earlier (and stay ahead).
 Vikky, Lillian, Mehana and Poppet roll into Wells at 44 miles.
 Our group consisted of the nordies, 6 alpine skiers who have been on the spring bike team, some staff, parents and friends. It was great to have some adult supervision with each group.
The second group cruises in for a pit stop.
 Group #3.

 And...the big boys...
 Everyone had a food/fluid refill in Wells, then it was off to Salem, NY (68 miles) for an early lunch.

 You know it's hot when the coke comes out at lunch.
 After lunch, everyone headed south, then over to Arlington and back up to our starting point in Manchester.

 With 4 miles to go, the boys put the hammer down hard...bodies were beaten, heads hung low, but everyone perservered.
The finish...happy smiles and story time.
Great job by everyone...and..special thanks to Kate Koch for driving a support van!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Spring Has Sprung (finally)

 After a dismal winter and a cold spring, the weather seems to have finally righted itself and the temps were in the low 70's today.
We took full advantage of the nice day and worked on classic striding and d-poling this morning.

This afternoon we were back at it with a 1:20 bike ride and then strength. The group is starting to build a solid base..this is good because we have our 100 mile bike ride coming up this weekend!
Stay tuned :).

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tri Fri

Friday found us participating in an all school Olympic distance triathlon.  Fortunately, with teammates - not alone.  Nordies were found in the pool, on the bikes, and on the run - we were valuable members of our teams.  Here are some pics of the action.

Will - ready to rock multiple legs in his speed suit.

Matt pointing out instructions to the bikers before their leg.  "No drafting in triathlons allowed, and watch out for the bears."

The swim scene..... Perhaps where most everyone who swam felt the most pathetic, except those experts (like Lillian, Will, Riz and Olivia who ripped the swim for their teams.)

Conor between laps....

Will finishing the swim, tagging to teammate Mehana.

And Will up again, getting tagged after Mehana finished the bike, and heading out onto the 2nd bike leg for his team.

Lehmann ripping through to the tag zone - dragging her bike to tag her 1st runner. 
Vikky doing the bike drag tag too :)

Zander, post swim, no puke.

There's Will again - finishing his bike leg.  Complete with his customized super aero helmet.

Roommates, finishing the run.

 After everyone finished we had a nice BBQ lunch at school, and the nordies took to the field for a very serious game of whiffle ball.

The "ace" Sver pitched all 42 innings, caught many line drives, and suffered one blazing ball to the thigh.

Cam whiffling away.

AND - because it was Tri, Fri., we completed the third activity of the day, a mean obstacle course.  We've been having fun doing different activities this spring, and have taken to heart the USST coaches' request to work on making our skiers into  better "athletes".  All-around athletes with coordination, balance and agility.  So we've sometimes warmed up for strength routines with some fun obstacle courses.
Matt giving the low down on how to get it done out there. 
Four teams started with 1 foot jumps, then a slalom, then 10 pushups, and then the first one to the tire got to go through first.........well, kinda.

By far the trickiest obstacle was the tire.  There were some squabbles and jam ups at and in the tire....

Sophie emerging through the tire in front of KO.

2 footed jumps after the tire.

Then 20 jump ropes.

10, 2 footed jumps onto the tire.

KO, carrying her med ball over the hurdles.

Ben through the tire followed by Charlotte.

And over the hurdles.

Pip & Will jumping rope.

And tire jumping.

Eli thought he had first dibs on the tire,

But Adam pushed his way through,

Which Eli didn't like, so he grabbed Adam's shorts

But Adam remained unfazed and completed the 2 footed jumps despite sagging shorts.

Will & Pip clearly arguing over who got to the tire first....

And continue to battle it out on the other side.

It was a great day and a nice break from our regular routine of school and practice.

Oh yeah - Congrats Sver, Pat and T2 on being named USSA Club of the Year.